13 Awesome Nerdy Gift Ideas For The Geek In Your Life

This is an image of various nerdy gift ideas including a Mercy from Overwatch Mug, a Darth Maul plush teddy bear and a Call Of Duty skull drinking glass.


With Christmas fast approaching if you haven't already completed your festive shopping, you should probably get your skates on. I mean the big day will be here before we know it. That being said, when it comes to finding suitable gifts for loved ones it can be a pain in the butt. Some people are just impossible to buy for. However, if you've got a geek or nerd in your life who loves pop culture, movies and gaming you're in luck. There are so many cool things available for a whole range of budgets and interests. Below I've put together a list of some cool nerdy gift ideas to help you if you're struggling a little. Obviously these ideas won't be to everyone's taste but hopefully, you can at least get a little inspiration.

Cool gifts for gamers

If you've got an Overwatch fan in you're life (I'm personally a D. Va main) then you're massively in luck. This year I've spotted a wide variety of Overwatch gifts that are mega cool. Some of my favourite finds include the Sombra Plush, the Mercy Mug and the D.Va Black Cat Mini Backpack. Of course, if say Reaper or Genji are more of the kinda characters you're after there are also items available. Pretty much all the characters of Overwatch have a nice little selection of merch based around them. You can pick up Overwatch goodies for a few pounds but there are also the more expensive figures available for the hardcore collectors. Basically, there's something for everyone. If Overwatch isn't quite what you're looking for there are a whole host of other gaming merch available from the likes of Zavvi, Truffle Shuffle and EMP. Take the Call Of Duty Skull Glass for example. Whether your loved one likes Fortnite, Resident Evil, Apex Legends, Spyro or Pokemon, there's cool merch available. 

Nerdy gift ideas for TV and Movie buffs

If you're not buying for a gamer but instead a TV and movie buff then you have plenty of options. TV and movie merch is massive nowadays so you're sure to find something based around your loved one's favourite show or film. If the person you're buying for is a big Stranger Things fan then the Demogorgon Action Figure might be just what you're after. Maybe they're a Whovian? Then the Thirteenth Doctor Rock Candy Figure would probably go down a storm. Or maybe they can't get enough of the merch with a mouth? Then the Deadpool Controller Stand could be an excellent option. Or maybe they adore The Nightmare Before Christmas? Well both the Zero Money Box and the Dapper Sally Glitter Funko POP could tick boxes. Seriously, it doesn't matter what show or film your loved one likes, there's more than likely some awesome merch out there. 

My personal favourite nerdy gift ideas

As a self-proclaimed nerdy girl, I've found myself practically drooling this year when Christmas shopping. There are just so many epic items that I've fallen in love with. As a massive Sailor Moon fan, it probably comes as no surprise that I love the look of the Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis Mug Set. I also came across these amazing Millennium Falcon Earrings which I adore. Speaking of Star Wars, I am living for the Darth Maul Build-A-Bear Bundle. It might be a tad pricey but you've gotta admit, it's pretty damn awesome. If Star Wars isn't your thing but you love the idea of a Build-A-Bear plush, the Pikachu Build-A-Bear Bundle is also pretty special. I think this would be mega appreciated by any Pokemon fan, especially with the new Sword and Shield release. 

So there you have it, some nerdy gift ideas for the geek in your life. Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration if you're struggling this year for ideas. Christmas can be stressful but most importantly it should be fun and enjoyable, even when Christmas shopping. So have fun with your Crimbo shopping and try to keep it as chilled as possible.

What are your top gift ideas this year?

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