Why I Have Become A D.Va Main and You Should Too

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Over the last month or so I have become lowkey obsessed with the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch. Now when it comes to gaming this isn't something I'd typically play. I mean I first purchased Overwatch about two years ago. Whilst I liked it, I just couldn't get used to it as I felt I was just terrible at the game. Because my coordination was so poor at the time I just found it incredibly difficult to enjoy. So for quite a while, the game was just sat collecting dust. 

Then recently I decided to give it another try as I feel like I have improved a lot when it comes to shooters. So into my Xbox, the disc went. My thoughts now? I just love the game. I love that there are so many different characters you can play to suit your style, mood and game. I'm a big fan of the diversity of each character and how one player can have such an impact on a single match. It's just a fantastic game. Is it flawless? Hell no. There are still the typical issues with many multiplayer games where teammates aren't team players but it that Blizzard's fault. Not really. I guess if I had a full squad of friends to play with I'd probably enjoy it that little bit more.

D.Va stole my heart

Anyway, I've racked up quite a few hours on the game and whilst I've enjoyed playing as the likes of Widowmaker, Bastion and Tracer, one character has firmly become my main. That character? The cute as hell tank that is D.Va, or Hana Song as she's also known as. The former gamer girl turned mech pilot has well and truly stolen my heart. I find the pretty and confident Korean character so fun to play. But why exactly have I become a D.Va main? Well for several reasons.

D.Va can withstand attacks and kind of has two lives

The first reason why D.Va has become my main is pretty much because of her HP. When D.Va is in her mech she sports a whopping 400 health with an additional 200 armour giving her a maximum HP of 600. This means that D.Va can take quite a bit of damage. Not only that but if your mech has been destroyed by an enemy it's not quite the end of the road. Instead, you then pop out into human pilot D.Va form. So it's kind of like having a bit of an extra life. 

Although when out of your mech you're significantly easier to kill with just 150 base health. That being said once out of your mech you do have a light gun which is effective at mid-range use. If you're quick on your feet, have a good aim and set your targets on say, another tank, you'll rack up enough charge to call a new mech and be in the better position once again in next to no time.

D.Va's powerful Ultimate is highly dangerous for enemies

The second reason why I adore Hana Song? Well due to her Self Destruct Ultimate. Once you have enough charge if played right you can take out multiple members of the enemy team. My favourite thing to do is use my Boosters to get right in the middle of the unsuspecting opposition team and take them all out with a single move. It's incredibly satisfying and a very powerful ability if you know what you're doing. 

The main issue you'll face is trying to to get your placement right so the other team don't spot you and start running. That being said the destruct effect will take out players within a 20-metre radius. So whilst not massive, it is still quite a large area. Oh and if you use self destruct you'll also be able to call a brand new mech instantly after exiting meaning that straight away you can get back up to maximum protection and back into the fight.

D.Va can be played a powerful team player 

And the third and final reason why I have become a D.Va main? Well, when it comes to playing as D.Va I adore that I can play her both aggressively to take out enemies and I can also protect my teammates. With my Self Destruct Ultimate, I can clear out overrun objectives to help my team. With my Boosters, I can use them strategically to take out opposing players and boot them from the map. Don't forget, they're not just useful for mobility. 

Then when it comes to my Defense Matrix I can block damage up to 10 metres from a range of incoming projectiles not only for myself but for my team. Although Defense Matrix doesn't last long, if you don't spam the ability you can preserve it and it comes in particularly handy if one of your teammates is in a fight but is starting to run low on health. This means that you can support them so that you gain the upper hand.

D.Va can protect & attack at the same time

Oh, and you can also use mid-range Micro Missiles whilst using your protective Defense Matrix. Thing means that you can both protect and can damage at the same time. And whilst close up with enemies? You can use your Fusion Cannons to continuously fire high-damage shots at enemies without having to worry about reloading. In doing so you should remember to stay close to your team so that you can help when it comes to protecting them.

D.Va isn't flawless but then again no Overwatch hero is 

When it comes to Overwatch there isn't a hero who is flawless in all areas. The game wouldn't work if there was. Each of the heroes has their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to D.Va she is no exception, she has her flaws. There are a few things you should be aware of before deciding to stick with her as your main. Firstly stating the obvious, you are a massive easy target because of your huge size. Although you have a lot of HP, this can be removed in a flash by a good player.

Another huge disadvantage of playing as D.Va is that you're pretty much useless against anyone at a mid-long distance. This is because your weapons just don't have the range. There's also the issue that your Defense Matrix doesn't last long (up to 2 seconds when fully charged with a cooldown of 2 seconds, 8 seconds recharging if you wanna be specific!) which can be a pain in the backside. Oh and there's also the issue of being pretty weak against multiple attackers and then once you're out of your mech in that situation unless you can hit your shots with tip-top accuracy and move faster than the speed of light, you're pretty much going to die in seconds thanks to that low 150 health that I touched upon earlier.

Despite her flaws, I'm still a D.Va main

Despite all of the cons of playing as D.Va I still find I get the most enjoyment out of playing as her. Could she be better? Yes. But you could say that about every character. Am I sad that I didn't get a chance to play her before they nerfed her? No. I feel kind of blessed because it's kind of like well I'm not missing something that I've never had if that makes sense? All in all, I love D.Va, flaws and all because ultimately I play to win! (Sorry, I had to) Should you become a D.Va main? Well, I think I've fought Hana Song's corner enough in this post. However, she's not for everyone and there may be a character that you enjoy more. My advice is to give each character a thorough try and see who you enjoy playing as most. Overwatch is a fantastic game with a range of heroes to suit lots of different styles and preference so have fun with it!

Do you play Overwatch? Who is your main?

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