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Recently in my Food Truck Mania review, I touched on the fact that I had recently purchased a Nintendo Switch. After months of umming and ahhing, I decided to bite the bullet when I saw a console come on offer for a decent price. The reason for buying a Switch? Ultimately for the upcoming Animal Crossing game. However, I like to game so I knew I'd get some good use out of it alongside my Xbox One and my Nintendo DS. Recently I've been engrossed by the likes of Stardew Valley and Scribblenauts. I've even played some Fornite, although I'll share my thoughts on that another day. 

Anyway, I've played on the console a fair bit now to have formed some strong opinions on the device. There are things I LOVE about the console. Those of which I'll for sure write about in the near future. However, there are also things I hate about the Nintendo Switch. Now like most I love a good rant about things that grind my gears. Therefore, I thought I'd unload here on my blog and pretty much have a nice vent. So brace yourself and grab a cuppa because here are three things that I really hate about the Nintendo Switch.

1. Lack Of Memory

The first thing I hate about the Nintendo Switch? The lack of memory. Picture this, you spend quite a hefty chunk of money on a console. In my case, I picked up my Switch for £239.85. This was on offer and a good price for a Nintendo Switch console but nevertheless, it is a lot of money. Especially in comparison to other consoles and considering this was just for the console, there weren't any games included. Nevertheless, I understand that the Switch is supposed to cost more to make and what not. 

However, back to my point. Imagine spending a hefty amount of money on something and then not long after purchasing you find you have to purchase something additional. In this case I am referring to storage. Do you know how much memory the Nintendo Switch has? A measly 32GB. Yep, that's it.  
Now let me tell you, 32GB really does not go far. Thankfully I came across an affordable 128GB micro SD card on good old Amazon for £14.49 so the issue didn't hurt my bank balance too much but when you think about it for the price you really don't get much memory at all. I understand that you can expand your memory and that the Switch is expensive for it's many, many features and components but still, I kinda felt like it was a bit of a kick in my none existent balls to be having to fork out on extra memory, not even a few weeks after purchasing the console.

2. Battery Life

The second thing I hate about the Nintendo Switch? The battery life. Now firstly I'm referring to when you play the console as a handheld device. When you play it on the TV it's obviously in the docking station charging away. Therefore the battery life isn't an issue in that case. However, when playing handheld I've found the battery doesn't last long at all. Obviously, it depends on what I am playing but if I'm playing the likes of Fortnite, I'll get about 2 hours of play out of it, if that. Now in Fortnite terms, that's a handful of games and pretty useless if you're wanting a good session to complete your weekly challenges on the go. I get that Fortnite is a big game with good graphics that drain the battery, but still, I am entitled to rant and have my opinions.

With other games like Scribblenauts, I can get a little bit longer out of it. Realistically, you can extend your battery life by carrying steps out like turning the brightness down. To be fair, considering what the Switch is capable of the battery life isn't too bad. However, it really annoys me to no end when I'm gaming on the go and I have to cut my session short. I know I'm being really picky. However, I'm also being really truthful about the fact that it gets my back up and annoys me. So sorry, not sorry and all that!

3. Cost Of Games

The final thing that I hate about the Nintendo Switch is how bloody expensive the games are. Now it's a well-known fact that Nintendo pretty much refuses to basically lower the cost of their games as time goes. With Xbox One and PS4 games you'll usually find that after a few months of a game being out, it will then reduce in price and get cheaper as time goes on. That's not really the case with Nintendo games. Obviously, you can still get offers and what not but some games stay incredibly close to their launch price even after they've been out for a few years. So the majority of the time Switch Games are more expensive than versions for Xbox One and PS4. Why is this the case? Well I've read up on why this is and apparently it's for a number of reasons. 

The first is that production costs are simply higher. The second reason? Well basically because they can. Nintendo has been around for so long that their games pretty much have a quality seal and therefore they know that loyal fans are willing to pay their prices. Now don't get me wrong, I fully understand the reasoning behind this, especially if we are talking about Nintendo exclusives and I respect Nintendo's stance on this.

It's fine if you have another console but not so good if you solely play Switch

That being said, as I can get certain games (non-exclusives) much cheaper for my Xbox my plan is basically to purchase those games for Xbox. I pretty much plan on only purchasing games that I think I'd enjoy way more handheld as opposed to playing on a big screen. Take Stardew Valley as a prime example. I have it for Xbox but personally, feel it's more suitable as a handheld game so I purchased it for Switch. The only other games I plan on purchasing are Nintendo exclusives for my Switch. But hey, the majority of people who buy Switches do so for the Nintendo exclusives. 

The thing is though I kinda feel like it's bad for those who want to play all games, not just Nintendo's offerings. I am lucky as I have the option of choosing between games for my Switch or my Xbox. I have that option to save myself money. Other people don't have multiple consoles. Some people only have a Nintendo Switch and don't just want to play Nintendo exclusives. They want to play other games that are released.

So in one way, I can see why Nintendo exclusives don't really budge from their release price but I think for games that are available on other platforms it's a bit of a shame for sole Switch gamers. But then again, it probably all boils down to the cost of the production element. Regardless, of the reason, I find it puts me off buying specific games for my Switch and leads me to purchase and play games on my other console when I'm not wanting to play handheld and the games are cheaper.

Believe it or not, I am a fan of the Nintendo Switch

Honestly? Being a Switch gamer can be hella expensive. From the cost of the console to buying additional storage and then to the price of the games. Everything is pricey. Some may argue this is because of the quality of the device. Plus the aspect of the unique dual experience of having both a handheld console and something you can play on your TV. Others may argue that it is greed and because demand is there. I'm not the person to give solid answers and explanations. I'm just here to share my thoughts and opinions. 

So there you have it, that is my rant over about the things I hate about the Nintendo Switch. Now I know after reading this post many will probably think that I hate the console and I'm anti Switch and Nintendo. But honestly, the truth is that I love my Switch but like all things, it has its pros and cons. Still not convinced that I do in fact enjoy my Switch? Keep your eyes peeled for my post on what I love about the console.

Are you a Switch player? What do you love and hate about the console?

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