Is Food Truck Tycoon For Nintendo Switch Really Fun?

Food Truck Tycoon for Nintendo Switch

For a while now I've been obsessed with my Xbox. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing games like Resident Evil 7, The Gardens Between, Crackdown 3 and of course my beloved Fortnite. I mean just last week I was discussing some of my favourite pretty Fortnite skins. However, I do also love a handheld console. I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Nintendo DS quite a bit recently. In anticipation of the new Animal Crossing game coming out, I decided to purchase a Nintendo Switch. I've been having a whale of a time playing the likes of Stardew Valley, Scribblenauts: Showdown and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Although I must say the latter has been a little disappointing. Anyway, I got to browsing the Nintendo eShop and I came across Food Truck Tycoon which was on sale so I decided to give it a try. And today I thought I'd review it.

A fun food management game

Not heard of Food Truck Tycoon? Well, it's pretty much a food management game. You basically have a food truck, customers come and request certain dishes and combinations. You serve them and receive coins. Each level has a coin goal to complete and a star rating to achieve. Basically the more coins, the higher the star you'll receive. The obstacles of the game? You have to serve customers quickly before they leave. Not only that but you have to keep an eye on multiple things at once. The last thing you want is to go burning your sausages and end up having to throw them out as this will cost you precious coins.

If you've ever played Cooking Fever for mobile (Great game in my opinion) this is similar. However, in Food Truck Tycoon you don't have those pesky microtransactions. Although I would say Cooking Fever is much more in-depth with more levels and food options. But enough about that. Food Truck Tycoon is a great game if you're into the food management style of game. The game isn't particularly hard especially if you use your coins wisely to upgrade your food and equipment at the right time as this makes the game fairly easy. In my personal opinion, I'd say the game is more of a casual game rather than something super exciting. It's pretty much something you can pick up and put down as you please. Although don't be surprised if you find yourself somewhat slightly addicted. 

Food Truck Tycoon gameplay on Nintendo Switch

Food Truck Tycoon achievements give you something else to aim for

One thing I really liked about the game was the fact that there were achievements to achieve. I love a good achievement and I feel like the Switch could have really benefitted from an achievement/trophies feature as the Xbox and PlayStation have implemented. I know achievements pretty much mean nothing but I personally love having additional things to aim for. Call me sad or whatever but I love achievements! Anyway, the achievements in Food Truck Tycoon were certainly welcomed with open arms by me and somewhat fulfilled that achievement shaped hole. Let me tell you, I took great pleasure in completing each and every one of them.

Food Truck Tycoon achievements for Nintendo Switch

The controls take getting used to but once cracked you'll soon complete the game

When it came to playing Food Truck Tycoon I found everything pretty easy. The only thing that I found difficult at first was the controls. I found myself getting muddled up by having to use pretty much all the Switch buttons. That being said this could just be down to the fact that I am a relatively new Switch user. One thing that fairly frustrated me was the fact that the game doesn't utilise the Switch's touch screen function. Instead, I found myself having to fiddle with my stick to try and do what I was supposed to do. Most of the time this was fairly easy. However, there were a few times where I ended up accidentally throwing dishes in the bin and putting the wrong items on plates. This was frustrating and sabotaged a few levels. That being said I pretty much learned to live with the issue thus I still enjoyed playing Food Truck Tycoon. 

Another thing I will say is that I would have loved the game to be longer. In total there are 60 levels to complete with 50 different dishes to serve. This may sound like a lot but along with completing the achievements, I managed to do everything in under 5 hours. Although for the price of three pound something I cannot complain, I simply didn't want the game to end. I really enjoyed playing. Food Truck Tycoon is one of those games that get you hooked but at the same time, it is something you can sit and play whilst watching TV on an evening. It's simple relaxing gameplay to help you de-stress and unwind.

A fun and fulfilling game

All in all, despite a few frustrating controls I really enjoyed Food Truck Tycoon. Is it something new, exciting and innovative? Not quite. But for something easy to play on a weeknight after a long day at work, it is fulfilling and lots of fun. The cartoon graphics were vibrant and pleasing on the eye. The sounds were good and the levels were satisfying. All in all, I enjoyed the game.

Have you played Food Truck Tycoon?

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