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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

With Eurovision just a mere few weeks away I've started to give in and get into the Eurovision spirit. I've been listening to all the tracks and I'm super hyped for this year's contest. Now admittedly I do think this year's songs are a bit poor, well in comparison to last year anyway. I feel like last year there were so many songs that I enjoyed. I remember writing about Mikolas Josef's Lie To Me in my catchy songs post and Eleni Foureira's Fuego in my August 2018 music faves. Heck, I still listen to Netta's Toy, Saara Alto's Monsters and Benjamin Ingrosso's Dance You Off. And don't even get me started on my love for AWS - Viszlát Nyár, Hungary's heavy metal offering which was amazing. 

Anyway, my point is, last year I loved so many tracks but this year I find myself struggling to enjoy even a handful. That being said, I have found some tracks that I like and I thought I'd chat about my top 3 that I think could be in with a decent chance of winning. Now I'm usually WAY off when it comes to picking the winner of The Eurovision Song Contest. However, these are the three songs out of the ones I personally enjoyed which I think probably have the best chance of winning. Everyone has different opinions and I'm just sharing mine. So without further ado, onto the tracks!

Victor Crone - Storm (Estonia)

My first of the best Eurovision 2019 songs is Victor Crone - Storm representing Estonia. Now I get major Avicii vibes from this track, I'd even go as far as saying it's like an imitation of Without You. Storm is a combo of acoustic guitars and dance beats. It's very catchy, has some decent lyrics and a good beat to it. I think this song will be pretty popular as it has a sound that is very well liked nowadays. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this starts to become popular across radio stations in Europe. 

Is the song unique and innovative? Not quite. It almost sounds like something you've already heard before but it's a fairly decent tune that you can have a sing and a dance to. As Estonia doesn't automatically qualify for the finals, Victor will have to battle it out against the other semifinalists for a much sought after place in the final. However, I think he's in with a good chance due to the popular sound of the song.

Bilal Hassani - Roi (France)

The second of the best Eurovision 2019 songs is Bilal Hassani - Roi representing France. As Bilal is from a country that is part of the big six, he's automatically in the final and boy do I think he's got a good chance of winning. Roi, meaning King in English, is an empowering track about self-acceptance. Something I think should be warmly welcomed these days with all the pressure from both traditional and social media. The track was co-written by Bilal and last years French entry, Madame Monsieur. You might remember them as they sang the track Mercy.

Anyway, the song is a mix of French and English and opens with a powerful piano intro. The song progresses into a kinda R&B ballad. In some ways, Bilal reminds me slightly of Austria's 2014 winner Conchita Wurst in the sense that he's embracing himself and empowering others in the process. Also funnily enough after a Google, I discovered that Bilal even covered Rise Like A Phoenix on the Voice Kids back in 2015. Do I think he'll do quite as well as Conchita did five years ago? I think he has a good chance of winning. Although, the bilingual mix might not translate well to the international audience and I fear they'll not really get the lyrics of the track and the message behind it which is a key part of the song, in my opinion.

Darude and Sebastian Rejman - Look Away (Finland)

The third and final of the best Eurovision 2019 songs is Darude and Sebastian Rejman - Look Away representing Finland. Now almost everyone and their mother remembers Darude - Sandstorm. You know, that millennium track that became a club favourite and oddly enough, an internet meme. Well, the Finnish DJ is back alongside singer Sebastian Rejman to represent his country at Eurovision. Much like Victor Crone from Estonia, the pair won't automatically qualify for the final as they're not part of the big six. Having said that, I'd be very surprised if this doesn't make it to the final. In fact, I'd even put money on the pair earning their place.

With the massive track Sandstorm under his belt, I feel like Darude has a lot to live up to with this song. Is Look Away as good as Sandstorm? Not quite. But then again, I don't think it was ever going to be. Sandstorm was HUGE. It's iconic and people love it. I don't think the two songs can even be compared. However, the harsh reality is that those who know of that big 2000 track are going to be comparing the two songs. That being said, I still think Look Away will do fairly well. Look Away is a dance-pop song with electronic piano keys throughout. The vocals are fairly decent and I like the overall feel of the track. Admittedly I do think the chorus is a bit poor and repetitive. However, I still like the track and I reckon it will be fairly popular.

Eurovision acts need to up their game

So there you have it, three songs that I personally enjoyed and think will do fairly well at the final, granted two of them make it through the semis of course. Like I said at the start of my post, I think this year's song offering is a bit poor. It could well be that I just need to listen to some of the tracks more. They may grow on me. However, I know that the majority of people who watch Eurovision only watch the final. They don't tend to listen to any tracks beforehand. With that being said I think with Eurovision you simply can't represent your country with "Growers." You need to enter with songs that instantly grab people and for me, the three mentioned above did just that for me. 

Regardless of the songs, I'm looking forward to the actual performances on the big night. Not everything is about the song, staging and live performance is equally important. Who knows, on the night my top three might nosedive and someone unexpected may become my favourite. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Roll on the 18th of May!

Who is your early favourite?

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