Is The Sailor Moon Funko POP! The Champion Of Justice?

Sailor Moon Funko POP! Figure


If I had to choose one Funko POP! figure as my absolute all-time favourite I think I'd for sure have to pick my Sailor Moon figure. If you know me then you'll know I'm a big Sailor Moon fan so for many, this probably won't come as a surprise. Although I must admit I do adore both my Tuxedo Mask Funko POP! and my Black Lady Funko POP! This one just pips them to the post. Ever since I was a kid I've absolutely adored both the Sailor Moon manga and the anime. I just love everything about it and how it screams female empowerment. Currently, as the range stands, I own all of the main Sailor Moon Funko POP! collection minus the likes of the glitter versions, Sailor Moon holding the moon stick and Super Sailor Moon which are proving difficult to get hold of here in the UK.

Sailor Moon is the star of the show

Regardless of the ones I'm missing, I love my Sailor Moon collection and that centres around the main lady herself, Sailor Moon. This particular figure actually comes with a little Luna which I personally think is the most perfect addition. The Sailor Moon figure has the anime and manga star's famous long blonde locks complete with that signature odango style which earnt her the nickname of bunhead. She also sports her famous white, blue and red outfit which we all know and love. 

What I really love about this figure though are the details. Firstly we have Sailor Moon's pretty gold crescent moon earrings. Then we have her moon tiara. Both add a lovely hint of gold to the Sailor Moon Funko POP! which I find to be a nice touch. In terms of the paint job, I feel like I've been lucky as my figure is pretty near to perfect. Yeah, there are very minor mistakes here and there but as with all Funkos, this is to be expected. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Sailor Moon's eyes, brows and nose look? They really help to achieve that anime style look.

This figure stands well although Luna is a bit wobbly

Another thing I love? The fact that Funko chose to have the figure do the pose that Sailor Moon does right after she transforms from Usagi. I think this was a really cool move that is for sure appreciated by many fans of the hit Japanese series. Another thing worth mentioning about this Funko is that Usagi's pigtails balance her nicely meaning that you don't have to worry about her toppling over, despite her big head to little legs ratio. If you are a little worried though fear not, this Funko also comes with a supportive stand, just in case. 

Luna stands fairly well considering her size and uneven bottom. However, she doesn't stay upright for long as the slightest knock and she ends up toppling over. For me, it's not a massive issue as it is a rare occurrence that I disturb the area in which she sits but I suspect for many it could become annoying if you house your collection out of their boxes. In terms of Luna's paint job, she's pretty simple with an all over purple look, black features and gold crescent moon sat on her forehead. She's simple but effective looking and I love her very much. All in all, though, I really love this Funko. I think the company did a really good job at capturing Sailor Moon and they produced something nicely made. I would definitely recommend this figure, especially to any Sailor Moon fans out there.

Are you a Sailor Moon fan?

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