How To Easily Make Lots Of Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS with a pretty pink Nintendo 2DS console


One of my all time favourite games is for sure Animal Crossing New Leaf. Although I love exciting games like Resident Evil 7 and I love the adrenaline pumping excitement of experimenting with all the Fortnite weapons, the addictive life simulation game has been a firm favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. It is my go-to game when I want to unwind and relax on an evening. Seriously it is so calming. In the game, you basically play as the Mayor of your very own town. You can do a variety of things in the game such as catching creepy crawlies, planting fruit, fishing, communicating with the animal residents and you can even discover buried fossils. 

In the town, you have your own home which you can upgrade, expand and decorate with some pretty cool home furniture. You can also upgrade your town by adding additional bridges and things like water fountains and benches. To upgrade your house and town you'll need money. In the case of Animal Crossing New Leaf, the currency of choice is Bells. If you're new to ACNL then you might be confused as to how you actually obtain bells. Well, there are a number of ways.

Sell unwanted furniture and gifts 

The first way you can make money is by selling unwanted furniture and gifts. Throughout the game, you will receive gifts from the residents of your town when you carry out tasks. You can also receive items from townfolk by writing letters and attaching presents such as fruit. To do this head to Nookling Junction and purchase some paper. Then simply write a few letters and drag and drop some fruit into the said letters and then head to the post office to send the letters. Sometimes the residents will reply and gift you items, sometimes they won't. Once you receive items you can either keep them or make some money from them by selling them to either Nookling Junction or my favourite place, Re-Tail. 

Sell fruit, fish, fossils and bugs and exploit time travelling to make a real quick buck

The second way you can easily make money is to sell things that are already in your town. The first thing you can easily sell is fruit. When you start your game you'll start with one of five fruits. You'll either have Peaches, Apples, Oranges, Pears or Cherries. Each fruit will sell for 100 bells but if you discover one of the other five other fruits and grow those, you'll receive 500 bells per piece. If you plant Island fruits and grow those, you'll get 250 bells per piece. There are also perfect variants of the five starter fruits that grow. These can spawn randomly or you can buy fertilizer to plant next to the tree to increase the chances of spawning perfect fruit. These perfect fruits sell for 600 bells if they're native and a nice 3,000 bells if they're not.

My advice? When you start your game plant as many fruits as you can. In the long run, you'll find it much easier to make more money quickly and this is where time travelling comes in. Fruit trees grow every three days and contain three pieces of fruit, with the exception of Bananas and Coconuts which contain two pieces. Animal Crossing New Leaf works in real time so if you play the game normally you'll have to wait three real-time days for new fruit to spawn.

Speed things up by time travelling

However, if you really want to speed things up you can essentially time travel. To do this simply head into your DS settings and change the date. Once you go into your game it'll be a new day and you'll be able to pick and sell all your newly spawned fruit. This is probably my most favourite "cheat" as it means I can keep super busy during my gameplay. Ultimately I can make a lot of bells for a few hours of play.  

Having said that, I'd only recommend carrying this out if you're not really too bothered about changing your time and date back. I do believe changing your time back can have consequences but I'm not entirely sure as I don't personally put my time or date back. Not only that, I know some people may have other games that rely on having an accurate time and date.  So if you're not just playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, give this careful consideration. 

Time travelling also means that you can discover fossils and seashells quicker and of course you can fish and catch bugs and sell them quicker. For example, if you've been fishing at night and the shop is closed, simply change the time and hey presto, you can head to the shop instead of having to wait in real time. And remember, don't turn your nose up as selling bugs, fossils, fish, deep sea creatures and shells. You can make a pretty penny out of them. Bugs sell for between 60 bells and 12,000 bells. Fossils sell for between 1,000 bells and 6,000 bells. Fish sell for between 100 bells and a whopping 15,000 bells. Deep-sea creatures sell for between 100 bells and 10,000 bells. And finally, shells sell for between 60 bells and 1,200 bells. 

Take advantage of the Money Rock in your town

Now my third and final favourite way that you can super easily make bells is by discovering the daily Money Rock in your town. Now each day one of the rocks in your town will contain bells. You can discover said bells by hitting the rocks in your town with a shovel. This is available to purchase at Nookling Junction along with the fishing rod, net and axe. All of which will come in handy. Now the key thing to remember is that the more you hit the rock, the more bells you'll get. 

Now when you hit the rock after a couple of hits you'll naturally be pushed back. This is something you want to avoid and to do this you can do one of two things. The first option is to dig holes to the sides and behind your character. This essentially traps you and stops that annoying push back. Another option? Plant some bushes. Either method works and will enable you to make even more money. 

Another thing worth keeping your eyes peeled for is a daily "fake" rock in your town. If you've got a good memory you'll be likely to spot this imposter rock straight away but if not you can check each rock by striking with your shovel. Once discovered the rock will break to reveal an Ore. These Ores can be used to create furniture or can be sold for between 2,000 and 4,000 bells. Not bad for something that can be found very easily each day.

Regardless of why you want lots of bells, only use methods that make the game enjoyable for you

There are many ways to make bells in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I could chat all day about various methods and strategies but I hope that someone out there can take something away and benefit from the things I've mentioned above when it comes to making bells fairly quickly. Whether you'll making bells to improve your town or to get your hands on that 1 million bell crown from Able Sisters, I hope you succeed and most importantly have fun in the process!

What is your favourite method to make bells in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

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