3 Reasons Why You Should Play The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between Gameplay

Earlier this month I shared my Crackdown 3 review and I thought since I've been playing quite a few games it was time for another little review. This time it's the turn of The Gardens Between, a game that is pretty much worlds apart from Crackdown's third offering. Not heard of The Gardens Between? Well, neither had I. However, I discovered the game whilst browsing through the games available to download as part of the Xbox game pass. The Gardens Between isn't the typical game I'd go for. The Gardens Between is a puzzle game developed by Australian studio The Voxel Agents. It was released back in September 2018 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, P4 and Xbox One. The latter on which I played the game. Now normally I'm not a massive fan of puzzle games but this game intrigued me so I thought I'd give it a go and boy am I glad I did. So why did I like the game so much? Well for three main reasons.

1. The Gardens Between is challenging but fun

The first reason why I liked The Gardens Between was basically for the gameplay and the challenges involved. In the game, you play as two children, Arina and her buddy Frendt. There is no script and you only use three buttons in the entire game. You essentially take a journey into the memories of the girl and boy and have to solve each puzzle by carrying a lantern to the peak. Sound simple? Well, there are obstacles in the way when guiding the young pair. To overcome these you must manipulate time back and forth which is a fun and interesting concept.

Because you are able to bend time this creates many possibilities which really gives the game a challenging aspect. I wouldn't say The Gardens Between is difficult but it does make you think and you soon begin to realise how clever the game is once you start putting two and two together when it comes each puzzle. In the game, there was only one area that I got really frustrated with. For this, I ended up referencing an online guide for help but if you put your mind to it, The Gardens Between is challenging but fun. I certainly think the game is suitable for all ages although younger kids may need a little assistance here and there.

Arina and Frendt The Gardens Between Gameplay

2. The Gardens Between is beautiful and super calming

The second reason why I really enjoyed The Gardens Between? It is beautiful. Both visually and for it's story. Although this is something you that is pretty much interpreted by the player as there isn't a script as such. The game story centres around the young friendship of the pair and the memories they hold. Without giving too much away, the story is bittersweet and may even get you right in the feels depending on how sensitive you are. Visually the game is pretty as heck. There's just something about the cartoon artwork that works incredibly well with the game. It just feels very fitting with the story. 

Not only is the game beautiful, but it is also always incredibly calming. I put this greatly down to The Gardens Between soundtrack. Each track is pretty delicate and ambient giving that real meditative feel. The calming soundtrack teamed up with the casual untimed play enable you to feel next to no pressure at all and truly give you the feeling that you are able to work through the game at your own time and pace.

Arina and Frendt from The Gardens Between

3. If you're an achievement hunter, The Gardens Between offers a quick to achieve 1000 gamerscore

The third and final reason why I recommend checking out The Gardens Between? If you're an achievement hunter this game offers a very quick to achieve 1000 gamerscore. It took me just a few hours to complete the game and by that, I mean unlocking all the achievements. If you're someone who is looking to increase your gamerscore quickly and you want something relatively easy to play, give this game a try.

All in all The Gardens Between is a visual treat and a fabulous way to relax after a long and stressful week. Even if you're not a big puzzle fan like myself I recommend giving it a chance and seeing what you think. Perhaps you might enjoy it just as much as I did?

What is your favourite game to relax with?

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