Great Songs I've Not Stopped Playing In February 2019

Great Songs I've Not Stopped Playing In February 2019

As another month draws to a close I thought it was time to share some love for my favourite great songs that I've not stopped playing in February. This month I've listened to SO many tracks its unbelievable. I could have wrote about many, many more songs but to be honest, I'd probably be sat here all day. For that reason I decided to narrow it down to just six tracks which was hard in its self. As usual my music taste is pretty varied and most certainly not everybody's cup of tea. That being said, perhaps you may discover a new track that you absolutely fall in love with? Who knows. Anyway, onto the music!

Bring Me The Horizon - Mother Tongue

In my January 2019 music favourites I mentioned BMTH's track Medicine and this month I'm absolutely loving the track Mother Tongue. Now this track comes from BMTH's newest album Amo which has somewhat divided fans. BMTH typically have a deathcore sound, well they did. Their new album sees the band experimenting with a new sound which is somewhat more radio-friendly and dare I say, has a more pop vibe to it. 

Now personally I really like their new album so I'm not complaining but I can see why die-hard fans might be a little disappointed. Anyway, Mother Tongue is a really great track. It features excellent vocals with some really sweet meaningful lyrics. The song is a mid-tempo track that has a slight electronic vibe and for sure makes you want to tap your toes. My favourite line? "But I think we're chosen like our fates were woven, and all of those bad choices were left turns on the way."

Key ft. Crush - One Of Those Nights

It's not lie that I'm a big SHINee fan and Key is for sure my favourite member. I loved his track Forever Yours which I mentioned back in my November 2018 music favourites and now he's back with another track. This time he's collaborating with R&B artist Crush to bring One Of Those Nights. OOTN's is a track that gets better and better as the track goes on. It features acoustic guitar loops in addition to some nice house beats. The line which reads "더 이상 센 척 안 해 - deo isang sen cheok an hae" which translates to "I can’t pretend to be strong anymore" is incredibly addictive and one of my favourite lines from the entire song. The song is powerful, even more so when you really look into its lyrics.

Disturbed - The Best Ones Lie 

The third of the great songs I've not stopped playing in February 2019 is Disturbed - The Best Ones Lie. This track comes from the band's most recent album Immortalized which was released last year. The track is both energetic and rhythmic plus it obviously features David Draiman's instantly recognisable and impressive vocals. I'd say this definitely shows off Disturbed's heavier side but it still contains those typical meaningful lyrics from the group that they seem to pack into every song they release. Does this sound much different from the quartet's usual sound? Not really but it is a good song nevertheless.

Lockshire - There For You

The fourth of the great songs I've been listening to in February has been Lockshire - There For You. Not heard of Lockshire? Well, neither had I until I discovered him on Spotify. Lockshire, originally from Singapore, is a music producer who creates dance and electronic music. There For You is just one of Lockshire's fantastic tracks that really gets you wanting to dance your little heart out. The track builds up and just gets better and better the further it goes on. The female vocals proclaiming "Oh na na na" teamed up with the powerful bass of the track for sure make an addictive combination which will have you pressing repeat multiple times on this track.

Day6 - Days Gone By

The fifth of the great songs I've been obsessed with this month has been Day6 - Days Gone By. This track is one with a retro feel thanks to the repeating synthesizer throughout. Despite it's 80s feel, the track still feels refreshing in comparison to many K-Pop songs released recently. Also, in a weird way, I could actually hear this song being used as part of a Korean drama soundtrack. I like the song so much that I think it even replaces Blood as my favourite Day6 track. Yeah, it's that good.

Icona Pop - Girls Girls

The sixth and final of the great songs I've been loving recently has been Icona Pop - Girls Girls. I have a soft spot for the Swedish duo and their chanting female empowerment tracks and Girls Girls ticks all the boxes for me. Although the track isn't new and was released back in 2017, it's still an absolute banger. The track is for sure something you'd hear belting out of a club as it has that big powerful tropical house sound that is sure to get you into that party mood. The track is fun, uplifting and one to shake your booty to.

What tracks have you been loving this month? Are you a fan of any songs I've mentioned?
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