Where To Buy Cheap Funko POP Figures In The UK? My Ultimate Guide

A picture of the Wayne and Garth Funko POPs from Wayne's World


When it comes to Funko POP Figures I am pretty much obsessed. I have a collection containing more than 100 figures from a range of games, TV shows and films. But why do I love collecting those little plastic figures so much? Well, I wrote up a whole post on why I love Funko POPs so much but in a nutshell, it's because they're simply awesome. It doesn't matter which "fandom" you belong to there's more than likely a Funko POP figure for you. Now collecting Funko POP Figures can be incredibly fun but equally, it can be incredibly expensive. Over the years I've discovered that there are ways around this. Funko POP figures, like many things, often go on sale. You've just gotta keep your eyes peeled and know where to look. 

Now from experience, I have found my "go-to" place for POPs. Today I thought I'd say my top places for picking up cheap Funko POP figures in the UK. Now before I start I will say that all of these places are online. Now I know you can get good deals in store if you hit on lucky from the likes of Tesco and HMV. However, it's very rare that I actually buy POPs in the flesh. I'd say 99% of my collection has come from ordering online. So without further ado, I present to you, where to buy cheap Funko POP figures in the UK!

Cheap POPs from The Entertainer

My first favourite place to buy cheap Funko POP figures is The Entertainer. Just recently I purchased a whole host of figures for some bargain prices. I got my hands on the likes of the Kylo Ren from Star Wars Funko POP for a fiver. I even got the Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold! Funko POP for a mere £3.33! Seriously the Entertainer have some great offers on, you've just gotta keep an eye out on their website as things come and go out of stock frequently. 

Some of my favourite pickups from The Entertainer have included the Zayra from Overwatch figure and the Christmas C-3PO figure. I also love my Gamora Vs Strider Funko twin pack which only set me back £10 but has since been further reduced to £8. Oh and let's not forget the Twilight Sparkle Sea Pony figure which I paid less than £7 for and received my very first Chase. Overall the Entertainer is for sure one of my faves. Their prices are super low, my POPs always come well packed and their delivery time is amazing. The other day I ordered at 6.30pm, got myself free delivery as I'd spent over £40 and by the next morning my parcel had arrived. Now THAT is good service.

Save money on Funko POPs from Smyths

Another one of the first places I look when purchasing cheap Funko POP figures is Smyths. Now Smyths give free delivery for account holders so it's definitely worth signing up to save yourself that little bit extra. Now first things first, I'll be honest, I HATE the Smyths website. Why? Well, there are a lot of Funko POPs that are out of stock but they aren't removed from the site. It's only when you click on a POP you like that you discover that it's out of stock. This makes browsing the site somewhat annoying as you have to go to that extra effort to find a bargain.

Nevertheless, you can get your hands on cheap Funko POP figures by having a good rummage through the site. Like many retailers, Smyths have exclusive POPs that you won't find anywhere else in the UK. When it comes to Smyths though I find they tend to discount their exclusives more frequently than anywhere else. Just recently I ordered myself the Overwatch Ana Shrike Exclusive POP for a mere £7.00. That's certainly cheap for an exclusive. Not long back I also ordered myself the Stranger Things Dustin Hockey Gear Figure POP, again for £7.00. I'm not quite sure why Smyths exclusives tend to be cheaper but I'm certainly not complaining.

Cheap Funko POP figures from EMP

Another extremely awesome place to spot cheap Funko POP figures is for sure EMP. Now when it comes to EMP you're likely to be charged for delivery unless you purchase their Backstage Club membership. This will set you back £9.95 but enables you to free delivery for the entire year so if you're planning on ordering frequently, it's worth it. If not, from my experience I've always been charged around £3.99 unless I've hit on lucky with a discount code.

Now let me tell you, EMP can be super slow when it comes to dispatching and delivery. That being said, I've always received each of my POPs in pristine condition. Not only that but EMP often tend to get some of the coolest exclusives. I mean come on, they got the Black Lady from Sailor Moon Funko POP exclusive which I got my hands on. I recently even got my hands on the exclusive Tracer Punk Skin from Overwatch POP. Oh, and who can forget my absolute bargain, the exclusive Oversized Jade Shenron from Dragon Ball Z POP that is currently still £14.99. Seriously, EMP has some absolutely awesome exclusives that they tend to discount. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Oversized Shenron Jade Figure Funko POP exclusive to EMP

My experience with Pop In A Box

Another place where you may want to look for cheap Funko Pop figures is Pop In A Box. Now in the past, I purchased almost all of my Sailor Moon collection from Pop In A Box including my Sailor Moon and Luna Funko POP. However, some of the figures I ordered from the site took a whopping six months to arrive after purchase. This wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have been made aware but I wasn't. 

However, that was a few years ago and I believe that POP in the box has improved their product listings. Recently during PIAB's birthday sale, I purchased the oversized Overwatch Blue D.Va Mech POP which you may have spotted in my blog post on why I've become a D.Va main. The POP came swiftly, it was well packaged and fits in nicely in my collection. So all in all my experience with Pop In A Box has been much better this time around. 

Other places where you can pick up cheap Funko POP figures

For me, The Entertainer, Smyths, EMP and Pop In A Box are the main places I look when it comes to getting my hands on POP figures. However, there are a few other places where you can get decent POPs if you hit on lucky. One of those places is Toys For A Pound. They sell a variety of Funko POP figures for £5 and Funko Keyrings starting at £1. I've picked up the likes of Gwenpool, Chewbacca, Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Poison Ivy in the past. My advice for avid collectors? Keep an eye on the website daily as stock sells out fast.

Another place where you might hit on lucky? Amazon. In the past, I've ordered the Zoey Fortnite POP and the hard to get hold of Sailor Moon Wedding three-piece Funko POP set. Both of which I got during limited time offers for a fraction of what I'd normally pay. I find Amazon quite hit and miss when it comes to POPs but sometimes there are bargains to be had.

Places to avoid buying Funko POP figures

When it comes to POPs unbelievably there are fakes about. These plastic figures can massively go up in value which causes people to try and flog them for hundreds and thousands of pounds online. My advice? Unless you've got lots of cash to splash or you're a hardcore collector, don't waste hundreds and thousands on a single pop. I find it crazy that these figures can go up so much in value but I guess that's the case with a lot of things. 

Also as a rule of thumb, I tend to be very wary of eBay. Yes, there are some genuine people on there selling genuine figures but do your research. The last thing you want is to buy a fake or pay an extortionate amount for a POP which you could have gotten cheaper elsewhere and in better condition. Also, be wary of third-party Amazon sellers too, the same rules apply to them. Do your research, look at reviews. 

I also personally don't tend to buy my figures from anywhere overseas as I begrudge paying hefty customs charges but I understand those who do get POPs from abroad that you can't get here in the UK. With anything, the best thing to do is to look into costings because the last thing you want is a huge unexpected charge that you haven't accounted for and are unable to pay. Lastly? If you find an unheard-of site selling POPs RIDICULOUSLY cheap, chances are it's a scam. Save your time, bank account and effort. Instead, purchase your figures from a reputable. 

Collecting Funko POP figures is fun, enjoy it but live within your means

Collecting Funko figures can be a super fun hobby but it can also be surprisingly addictive. You should always enjoy this hobby and treasure each POP you buy but it's important to live within your means. I've spotted people who've gotten themselves into debt from splurging on Funko's newest offering which is super sad to see. If you're serious about growing your collection my top tip is to give yourself a Funko POP budget each month and stick to it. That way you'll only spend money on figures that you really want without leaving yourself dry until payday. So there you have it, my ultimate guide to where you can get your hands on cheap Funko POP figures.  

Now can we all finally agree that Funko POPs are amazing? For me, I love my whole collection. However, my Thanos Funko POP and my Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko POP figures are current favourites of mine. Do I want to continue to grow my collection? Of course! I've already got my eye on a few new collections to start like the BTS collection, the Pokemon collection and the Addams Family collection. Not only that but I'd like to add to my Stranger Things collection, my Overwatch collection and I'd love to get my hands on some more Deadpool figures.

What Funko POP figures do you want to get your hands on? Where is your favourite place to buy Funko Figures?

Why I Have Become A D.Va Main and You Should Too

D.Va Funko POP! Figures


Over the last month or so I have become lowkey obsessed with the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch. Now when it comes to gaming this isn't something I'd typically play. I mean I first purchased Overwatch about two years ago. Whilst I liked it, I just couldn't get used to it as I felt I was just terrible at the game. Because my coordination was so poor at the time I just found it incredibly difficult to enjoy. So for quite a while, the game was just sat collecting dust. 

Then recently I decided to give it another try as I feel like I have improved a lot when it comes to shooters. So into my Xbox, the disc went. My thoughts now? I just love the game. I love that there are so many different characters you can play to suit your style, mood and game. I'm a big fan of the diversity of each character and how one player can have such an impact on a single match. It's just a fantastic game. Is it flawless? Hell no. There are still the typical issues with many multiplayer games where teammates aren't team players but it that Blizzard's fault. Not really. I guess if I had a full squad of friends to play with I'd probably enjoy it that little bit more.

D.Va stole my heart

Anyway, I've racked up quite a few hours on the game and whilst I've enjoyed playing as the likes of Widowmaker, Bastion and Tracer, one character has firmly become my main. That character? The cute as hell tank that is D.Va, or Hana Song as she's also known as. The former gamer girl turned mech pilot has well and truly stolen my heart. I find the pretty and confident Korean character so fun to play. But why exactly have I become a D.Va main? Well for several reasons.

D.Va can withstand attacks and kind of has two lives

The first reason why D.Va has become my main is pretty much because of her HP. When D.Va is in her mech she sports a whopping 400 health with an additional 200 armour giving her a maximum HP of 600. This means that D.Va can take quite a bit of damage. Not only that but if your mech has been destroyed by an enemy it's not quite the end of the road. Instead, you then pop out into human pilot D.Va form. So it's kind of like having a bit of an extra life. 

Although when out of your mech you're significantly easier to kill with just 150 base health. That being said once out of your mech you do have a light gun which is effective at mid-range use. If you're quick on your feet, have a good aim and set your targets on say, another tank, you'll rack up enough charge to call a new mech and be in the better position once again in next to no time.

D.Va's powerful Ultimate is highly dangerous for enemies

The second reason why I adore Hana Song? Well due to her Self Destruct Ultimate. Once you have enough charge if played right you can take out multiple members of the enemy team. My favourite thing to do is use my Boosters to get right in the middle of the unsuspecting opposition team and take them all out with a single move. It's incredibly satisfying and a very powerful ability if you know what you're doing. 

The main issue you'll face is trying to to get your placement right so the other team don't spot you and start running. That being said the destruct effect will take out players within a 20-metre radius. So whilst not massive, it is still quite a large area. Oh and if you use self destruct you'll also be able to call a brand new mech instantly after exiting meaning that straight away you can get back up to maximum protection and back into the fight.

D.Va can be played a powerful team player 

And the third and final reason why I have become a D.Va main? Well, when it comes to playing as D.Va I adore that I can play her both aggressively to take out enemies and I can also protect my teammates. With my Self Destruct Ultimate, I can clear out overrun objectives to help my team. With my Boosters, I can use them strategically to take out opposing players and boot them from the map. Don't forget, they're not just useful for mobility. 

Then when it comes to my Defense Matrix I can block damage up to 10 metres from a range of incoming projectiles not only for myself but for my team. Although Defense Matrix doesn't last long, if you don't spam the ability you can preserve it and it comes in particularly handy if one of your teammates is in a fight but is starting to run low on health. This means that you can support them so that you gain the upper hand.

D.Va can protect & attack at the same time

Oh, and you can also use mid-range Micro Missiles whilst using your protective Defense Matrix. Thing means that you can both protect and can damage at the same time. And whilst close up with enemies? You can use your Fusion Cannons to continuously fire high-damage shots at enemies without having to worry about reloading. In doing so you should remember to stay close to your team so that you can help when it comes to protecting them.

D.Va isn't flawless but then again no Overwatch hero is 

When it comes to Overwatch there isn't a hero who is flawless in all areas. The game wouldn't work if there was. Each of the heroes has their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to D.Va she is no exception, she has her flaws. There are a few things you should be aware of before deciding to stick with her as your main. Firstly stating the obvious, you are a massive easy target because of your huge size. Although you have a lot of HP, this can be removed in a flash by a good player.

Another huge disadvantage of playing as D.Va is that you're pretty much useless against anyone at a mid-long distance. This is because your weapons just don't have the range. There's also the issue that your Defense Matrix doesn't last long (up to 2 seconds when fully charged with a cooldown of 2 seconds, 8 seconds recharging if you wanna be specific!) which can be a pain in the backside. Oh and there's also the issue of being pretty weak against multiple attackers and then once you're out of your mech in that situation unless you can hit your shots with tip-top accuracy and move faster than the speed of light, you're pretty much going to die in seconds thanks to that low 150 health that I touched upon earlier.

Despite her flaws, I'm still a D.Va main

Despite all of the cons of playing as D.Va I still find I get the most enjoyment out of playing as her. Could she be better? Yes. But you could say that about every character. Am I sad that I didn't get a chance to play her before they nerfed her? No. I feel kind of blessed because it's kind of like well I'm not missing something that I've never had if that makes sense? All in all, I love D.Va, flaws and all because ultimately I play to win! (Sorry, I had to) Should you become a D.Va main? Well, I think I've fought Hana Song's corner enough in this post. However, she's not for everyone and there may be a character that you enjoy more. My advice is to give each character a thorough try and see who you enjoy playing as most. Overwatch is a fantastic game with a range of heroes to suit lots of different styles and preference so have fun with it!

Do you play Overwatch? Who is your main?

6 Great K-Pop Songs You Should Listen To Right Now

6 Great K-Pop Songs You Should Listen To Right Now

My music taste is incredibly varied. Seriously, one minute I'll be singing along to ABBA, the next I'll have Bring Me The Horizon blasting out of my speakers. One genre of music I really enjoy is K-Pop. I love the production and all that it entails. Yes, at times it can be cheesy and whatnot, but I love it and I have no shame in admitting that. This isn't the first time I've talked about K-Pop here on my blog. Back in my favourite songs in February, I featured a few K-Pop tracks and back in November I even talked about my experience of watching the BTS Burn The Stage movie on the big screen.

That being said, At the moment there are quite a few brilliant tracks out that I feel people should give a listen to. So I pretty much thought I'd talk about 6 of those great K-Pop songs that I feel deserve lots of love. So without further ado, I present to you 6 great K-Pop songs you should listen to right now.

BTS Ft. Halsey - Boy With Luv

The first of the 6 great K-Pop songs you should listen to right now is for sure BTS Ft. Halsey - Boy With Luv. This track is a new release from the boyband's latest album Map Of The Soul: Persona. Boy With Luv is the title track of the said album and it's an absolute banger. It's bright, upbeat and has a slight disco vibe to it. I feel like in this particular track members Jimin and Suga really shine. Jimin's vocals are incredible and in the music video, he really shines. As for Suga, his deep rap in Boy With Luv is on point and for sure one of my favourite parts. The chorus featuring US singer Halsey is also incredibly addictive. Trust me you'll find yourself constantly singing "Oh my my my! Oh my my my!"

BLACKPINK - Kill This Love

The second of the 6 great K-Pop songs you should listen to right now is BLACKPINK - Kill This Love. Kill This Love is a strong female electronic power anthem from the four-piece girl group and does not disappoint. It features a truly powerful beat teamed with rave style air horns. It kind of reminds me of Little Mix's Salute in a weird sort of way but I personally find BLACKPINK's offering to be a little more catchy and more to my taste.

My favourite part for sure has to be Lisa and Jennie's rap. It's badass and showcases the pair's epic bar spitting skills. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if the two form a subunit in the near future kind of like what G-Dragon and TOP did from Big Bang. However, for now, I think we should just soak up BLACKPINK in all their glory and that means strong rap, vocals, visuals and female empowerment.

Park Bom Ft. Sandara Park - Spring

The third of the 6 great K-Pop songs you should listen to is Park Bom Ft. Sandara Park - Spring. Now you may remember both Park Bom and Sandara Park from the legendary and now disbanded girl group 2NE1. Well, Park Bom has gone solo and released the track Spring. If you loved 2NE1's signature sound then you'll more than likely enjoy this as Bom's vocals predominantly made up 2NE1's distinguishable sound. In the track, it's almost as if Bom is singing about the controversy in her past and her struggles with the entertainment industry.

The song isn't something really upbeat, it features a mid-tempo beat but what really stands out are Bom's impressive vocals and meaningful words. Former band member Sandara Park joins Bom on her track to provide some killer rap on the track but oddly Dara offers a slightly more mature sound than her 2NE1 days. Her vocals are still soft as clouds but she showcases how she's grown since the days of 2NE1 and I really am a fan. The track is beautiful in every sense of the word and I really do hope Bom gains the success as a solo artist that she really deserves.

TXT - Crown

The Fourth of the 6 great K-Pop songs you sound listen to right now is TXT - Crown. TXT AKA Tomorrow X Together is a new boyband formed by the people behind BTS, Big Hit Entertainment. The group is made up of 5 members, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. They made their debut back in March and Crown is their debut song. Personally, I feel like the group is a little too, young for me and targeted more towards a younger audience. However, I do like Crown and find it very catchy. It's super bright, upbeat and the production is incredibly clean. The vocals are super on point and the track offers a really addictive bouncy electronic beat. Crown isn't going to be to every K-Pop lovers taste but give it a listen and see what you think.

Stray Kids - Miroh

The fifth of the 6 great K-Pop songs you should listen to is Stray Kids - Miroh. I'm not even going to lie, I've been obsessed with this song. The song is a super intense dance number that opens with member Felix’s super deep-toned voice which oddly reminds me of the guy from Right Said Fred on the track I'm Too Sexy. Don't ask, my mind works strangely sometimes.

Anyway, the track soon builds up to a very powerful chorus that will have you getting your groove on. The "Woah-Oh-Oh" vocals will be stuck in your head all day long after listening to Miroh. Seriously it's a true banger that gets you in the mood to party. The only downside? The song doesn't last nearly as long as it should to satisfy me but I guess it's okay as I have the ability to repeat the track until my heart is content.


The sixth and final of the 6 great K-Pop songs you should listen to is MOMOLAND - I'm So Hot. I bloody love MOMOLAND. Ever since I first listened to Bboom Bboom I've been hooked. I love how upbeat their tracks are and how they just offer something fun to listen to. I'm So Hot is the group's latest track and it certainly hasn't disappointed me. The song isn't anything serious with deep meaningful lyrics, instead, it is a fun dance anthem that is has a fantastic electro-swing sound to it which isn't actually too different from the group's previous two tracks Bboom Bboom and BAAM. I guess MOMOLAND have found their safe signature sound and honestly? I'm alright with that.

In a nutshell? I'm So Hot will get stuck in your head and you will end up having a little boogie. If you liked the now split up, although not officially disbanded group Crayon Pop, MOMOLAND has a sort of similar sound and may satisfy that Crayon Pop shaped hole in your heart.

K-Pop isn't just for Korean speakers

So there you have it, 6 killer Korean pop tracks that I recommend listening to. If you're a K-Pop fan you'll more than likely already be aware of these songs but if you're new to the genre then you might just find something new you like. Korean pop isn't everybody's cup of tea but please don't simply be put off by the language barrier because you might be missing out on something that'll blow your socks off. You don't need to fully understand something to enjoy it although I personally always like to educate myself when it comes to foreign language music. So although I might not be able to fully sing along initially, I can always research and look deeper into the meaning of each song to really grasp what the artist is trying to portray.

Are you a K-Pop fan? What's your favourite Korean pop group?

3 Things I Hate About The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Console


Recently in my Food Truck Mania review, I touched on the fact that I had recently purchased a Nintendo Switch. After months of umming and ahhing, I decided to bite the bullet when I saw a console come on offer for a decent price. The reason for buying a Switch? Ultimately for the upcoming Animal Crossing game. However, I like to game so I knew I'd get some good use out of it alongside my Xbox One and my Nintendo DS. Recently I've been engrossed by the likes of Stardew Valley and Scribblenauts. I've even played some Fornite, although I'll share my thoughts on that another day. 

Anyway, I've played on the console a fair bit now to have formed some strong opinions on the device. There are things I LOVE about the console. Those of which I'll for sure write about in the near future. However, there are also things I hate about the Nintendo Switch. Now like most I love a good rant about things that grind my gears. Therefore, I thought I'd unload here on my blog and pretty much have a nice vent. So brace yourself and grab a cuppa because here are three things that I really hate about the Nintendo Switch.

1. Lack Of Memory

The first thing I hate about the Nintendo Switch? The lack of memory. Picture this, you spend quite a hefty chunk of money on a console. In my case, I picked up my Switch for £239.85. This was on offer and a good price for a Nintendo Switch console but nevertheless, it is a lot of money. Especially in comparison to other consoles and considering this was just for the console, there weren't any games included. Nevertheless, I understand that the Switch is supposed to cost more to make and what not. 

However, back to my point. Imagine spending a hefty amount of money on something and then not long after purchasing you find you have to purchase something additional. In this case I am referring to storage. Do you know how much memory the Nintendo Switch has? A measly 32GB. Yep, that's it.  
Now let me tell you, 32GB really does not go far. Thankfully I came across an affordable 128GB micro SD card on good old Amazon for £14.49 so the issue didn't hurt my bank balance too much but when you think about it for the price you really don't get much memory at all. I understand that you can expand your memory and that the Switch is expensive for it's many, many features and components but still, I kinda felt like it was a bit of a kick in my none existent balls to be having to fork out on extra memory, not even a few weeks after purchasing the console.

2. Battery Life

The second thing I hate about the Nintendo Switch? The battery life. Now firstly I'm referring to when you play the console as a handheld device. When you play it on the TV it's obviously in the docking station charging away. Therefore the battery life isn't an issue in that case. However, when playing handheld I've found the battery doesn't last long at all. Obviously, it depends on what I am playing but if I'm playing the likes of Fortnite, I'll get about 2 hours of play out of it, if that. Now in Fortnite terms, that's a handful of games and pretty useless if you're wanting a good session to complete your weekly challenges on the go. I get that Fortnite is a big game with good graphics that drain the battery, but still, I am entitled to rant and have my opinions.

With other games like Scribblenauts, I can get a little bit longer out of it. Realistically, you can extend your battery life by carrying steps out like turning the brightness down. To be fair, considering what the Switch is capable of the battery life isn't too bad. However, it really annoys me to no end when I'm gaming on the go and I have to cut my session short. I know I'm being really picky. However, I'm also being really truthful about the fact that it gets my back up and annoys me. So sorry, not sorry and all that!

3. Cost Of Games

The final thing that I hate about the Nintendo Switch is how bloody expensive the games are. Now it's a well-known fact that Nintendo pretty much refuses to basically lower the cost of their games as time goes. With Xbox One and PS4 games you'll usually find that after a few months of a game being out, it will then reduce in price and get cheaper as time goes on. That's not really the case with Nintendo games. Obviously, you can still get offers and what not but some games stay incredibly close to their launch price even after they've been out for a few years. So the majority of the time Switch Games are more expensive than versions for Xbox One and PS4. Why is this the case? Well I've read up on why this is and apparently it's for a number of reasons. 

The first is that production costs are simply higher. The second reason? Well basically because they can. Nintendo has been around for so long that their games pretty much have a quality seal and therefore they know that loyal fans are willing to pay their prices. Now don't get me wrong, I fully understand the reasoning behind this, especially if we are talking about Nintendo exclusives and I respect Nintendo's stance on this.

It's fine if you have another console but not so good if you solely play Switch

That being said, as I can get certain games (non-exclusives) much cheaper for my Xbox my plan is basically to purchase those games for Xbox. I pretty much plan on only purchasing games that I think I'd enjoy way more handheld as opposed to playing on a big screen. Take Stardew Valley as a prime example. I have it for Xbox but personally, feel it's more suitable as a handheld game so I purchased it for Switch. The only other games I plan on purchasing are Nintendo exclusives for my Switch. But hey, the majority of people who buy Switches do so for the Nintendo exclusives. 

The thing is though I kinda feel like it's bad for those who want to play all games, not just Nintendo's offerings. I am lucky as I have the option of choosing between games for my Switch or my Xbox. I have that option to save myself money. Other people don't have multiple consoles. Some people only have a Nintendo Switch and don't just want to play Nintendo exclusives. They want to play other games that are released.

So in one way, I can see why Nintendo exclusives don't really budge from their release price but I think for games that are available on other platforms it's a bit of a shame for sole Switch gamers. But then again, it probably all boils down to the cost of the production element. Regardless, of the reason, I find it puts me off buying specific games for my Switch and leads me to purchase and play games on my other console when I'm not wanting to play handheld and the games are cheaper.

Believe it or not, I am a fan of the Nintendo Switch

Honestly? Being a Switch gamer can be hella expensive. From the cost of the console to buying additional storage and then to the price of the games. Everything is pricey. Some may argue this is because of the quality of the device. Plus the aspect of the unique dual experience of having both a handheld console and something you can play on your TV. Others may argue that it is greed and because demand is there. I'm not the person to give solid answers and explanations. I'm just here to share my thoughts and opinions. 

So there you have it, that is my rant over about the things I hate about the Nintendo Switch. Now I know after reading this post many will probably think that I hate the console and I'm anti Switch and Nintendo. But honestly, the truth is that I love my Switch but like all things, it has its pros and cons. Still not convinced that I do in fact enjoy my Switch? Keep your eyes peeled for my post on what I love about the console.

Are you a Switch player? What do you love and hate about the console?

3 Of The Best Eurovision 2019 Songs

Eurovision Song Contest 2019

With Eurovision just a mere few weeks away I've started to give in and get into the Eurovision spirit. I've been listening to all the tracks and I'm super hyped for this year's contest. Now admittedly I do think this year's songs are a bit poor, well in comparison to last year anyway. I feel like last year there were so many songs that I enjoyed. I remember writing about Mikolas Josef's Lie To Me in my catchy songs post and Eleni Foureira's Fuego in my August 2018 music faves. Heck, I still listen to Netta's Toy, Saara Alto's Monsters and Benjamin Ingrosso's Dance You Off. And don't even get me started on my love for AWS - Viszlát Nyár, Hungary's heavy metal offering which was amazing. 

Anyway, my point is, last year I loved so many tracks but this year I find myself struggling to enjoy even a handful. That being said, I have found some tracks that I like and I thought I'd chat about my top 3 that I think could be in with a decent chance of winning. Now I'm usually WAY off when it comes to picking the winner of The Eurovision Song Contest. However, these are the three songs out of the ones I personally enjoyed which I think probably have the best chance of winning. Everyone has different opinions and I'm just sharing mine. So without further ado, onto the tracks!

Victor Crone - Storm (Estonia)

My first of the best Eurovision 2019 songs is Victor Crone - Storm representing Estonia. Now I get major Avicii vibes from this track, I'd even go as far as saying it's like an imitation of Without You. Storm is a combo of acoustic guitars and dance beats. It's very catchy, has some decent lyrics and a good beat to it. I think this song will be pretty popular as it has a sound that is very well liked nowadays. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this starts to become popular across radio stations in Europe. 

Is the song unique and innovative? Not quite. It almost sounds like something you've already heard before but it's a fairly decent tune that you can have a sing and a dance to. As Estonia doesn't automatically qualify for the finals, Victor will have to battle it out against the other semifinalists for a much sought after place in the final. However, I think he's in with a good chance due to the popular sound of the song.

Bilal Hassani - Roi (France)

The second of the best Eurovision 2019 songs is Bilal Hassani - Roi representing France. As Bilal is from a country that is part of the big six, he's automatically in the final and boy do I think he's got a good chance of winning. Roi, meaning King in English, is an empowering track about self-acceptance. Something I think should be warmly welcomed these days with all the pressure from both traditional and social media. The track was co-written by Bilal and last years French entry, Madame Monsieur. You might remember them as they sang the track Mercy.

Anyway, the song is a mix of French and English and opens with a powerful piano intro. The song progresses into a kinda R&B ballad. In some ways, Bilal reminds me slightly of Austria's 2014 winner Conchita Wurst in the sense that he's embracing himself and empowering others in the process. Also funnily enough after a Google, I discovered that Bilal even covered Rise Like A Phoenix on the Voice Kids back in 2015. Do I think he'll do quite as well as Conchita did five years ago? I think he has a good chance of winning. Although, the bilingual mix might not translate well to the international audience and I fear they'll not really get the lyrics of the track and the message behind it which is a key part of the song, in my opinion.

Darude and Sebastian Rejman - Look Away (Finland)

The third and final of the best Eurovision 2019 songs is Darude and Sebastian Rejman - Look Away representing Finland. Now almost everyone and their mother remembers Darude - Sandstorm. You know, that millennium track that became a club favourite and oddly enough, an internet meme. Well, the Finnish DJ is back alongside singer Sebastian Rejman to represent his country at Eurovision. Much like Victor Crone from Estonia, the pair won't automatically qualify for the final as they're not part of the big six. Having said that, I'd be very surprised if this doesn't make it to the final. In fact, I'd even put money on the pair earning their place.

With the massive track Sandstorm under his belt, I feel like Darude has a lot to live up to with this song. Is Look Away as good as Sandstorm? Not quite. But then again, I don't think it was ever going to be. Sandstorm was HUGE. It's iconic and people love it. I don't think the two songs can even be compared. However, the harsh reality is that those who know of that big 2000 track are going to be comparing the two songs. That being said, I still think Look Away will do fairly well. Look Away is a dance-pop song with electronic piano keys throughout. The vocals are fairly decent and I like the overall feel of the track. Admittedly I do think the chorus is a bit poor and repetitive. However, I still like the track and I reckon it will be fairly popular.

Eurovision acts need to up their game

So there you have it, three songs that I personally enjoyed and think will do fairly well at the final, granted two of them make it through the semis of course. Like I said at the start of my post, I think this year's song offering is a bit poor. It could well be that I just need to listen to some of the tracks more. They may grow on me. However, I know that the majority of people who watch Eurovision only watch the final. They don't tend to listen to any tracks beforehand. With that being said I think with Eurovision you simply can't represent your country with "Growers." You need to enter with songs that instantly grab people and for me, the three mentioned above did just that for me. 

Regardless of the songs, I'm looking forward to the actual performances on the big night. Not everything is about the song, staging and live performance is equally important. Who knows, on the night my top three might nosedive and someone unexpected may become my favourite. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Roll on the 18th of May!

Who is your early favourite?

Is Food Truck Tycoon For Nintendo Switch Really Fun?

Food Truck Tycoon for Nintendo Switch

For a while now I've been obsessed with my Xbox. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing games like Resident Evil 7, The Gardens Between, Crackdown 3 and of course my beloved Fortnite. I mean just last week I was discussing some of my favourite pretty Fortnite skins. However, I do also love a handheld console. I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Nintendo DS quite a bit recently. In anticipation of the new Animal Crossing game coming out, I decided to purchase a Nintendo Switch. I've been having a whale of a time playing the likes of Stardew Valley, Scribblenauts: Showdown and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Although I must say the latter has been a little disappointing. Anyway, I got to browsing the Nintendo eShop and I came across Food Truck Tycoon which was on sale so I decided to give it a try. And today I thought I'd review it.

A fun food management game

Not heard of Food Truck Tycoon? Well, it's pretty much a food management game. You basically have a food truck, customers come and request certain dishes and combinations. You serve them and receive coins. Each level has a coin goal to complete and a star rating to achieve. Basically the more coins, the higher the star you'll receive. The obstacles of the game? You have to serve customers quickly before they leave. Not only that but you have to keep an eye on multiple things at once. The last thing you want is to go burning your sausages and end up having to throw them out as this will cost you precious coins.

If you've ever played Cooking Fever for mobile (Great game in my opinion) this is similar. However, in Food Truck Tycoon you don't have those pesky microtransactions. Although I would say Cooking Fever is much more in-depth with more levels and food options. But enough about that. Food Truck Tycoon is a great game if you're into the food management style of game. The game isn't particularly hard especially if you use your coins wisely to upgrade your food and equipment at the right time as this makes the game fairly easy. In my personal opinion, I'd say the game is more of a casual game rather than something super exciting. It's pretty much something you can pick up and put down as you please. Although don't be surprised if you find yourself somewhat slightly addicted. 

Food Truck Tycoon gameplay on Nintendo Switch

Food Truck Tycoon achievements give you something else to aim for

One thing I really liked about the game was the fact that there were achievements to achieve. I love a good achievement and I feel like the Switch could have really benefitted from an achievement/trophies feature as the Xbox and PlayStation have implemented. I know achievements pretty much mean nothing but I personally love having additional things to aim for. Call me sad or whatever but I love achievements! Anyway, the achievements in Food Truck Tycoon were certainly welcomed with open arms by me and somewhat fulfilled that achievement shaped hole. Let me tell you, I took great pleasure in completing each and every one of them.

Food Truck Tycoon achievements for Nintendo Switch

The controls take getting used to but once cracked you'll soon complete the game

When it came to playing Food Truck Tycoon I found everything pretty easy. The only thing that I found difficult at first was the controls. I found myself getting muddled up by having to use pretty much all the Switch buttons. That being said this could just be down to the fact that I am a relatively new Switch user. One thing that fairly frustrated me was the fact that the game doesn't utilise the Switch's touch screen function. Instead, I found myself having to fiddle with my stick to try and do what I was supposed to do. Most of the time this was fairly easy. However, there were a few times where I ended up accidentally throwing dishes in the bin and putting the wrong items on plates. This was frustrating and sabotaged a few levels. That being said I pretty much learned to live with the issue thus I still enjoyed playing Food Truck Tycoon. 

Another thing I will say is that I would have loved the game to be longer. In total there are 60 levels to complete with 50 different dishes to serve. This may sound like a lot but along with completing the achievements, I managed to do everything in under 5 hours. Although for the price of three pound something I cannot complain, I simply didn't want the game to end. I really enjoyed playing. Food Truck Tycoon is one of those games that get you hooked but at the same time, it is something you can sit and play whilst watching TV on an evening. It's simple relaxing gameplay to help you de-stress and unwind.

A fun and fulfilling game

All in all, despite a few frustrating controls I really enjoyed Food Truck Tycoon. Is it something new, exciting and innovative? Not quite. But for something easy to play on a weeknight after a long day at work, it is fulfilling and lots of fun. The cartoon graphics were vibrant and pleasing on the eye. The sounds were good and the levels were satisfying. All in all, I enjoyed the game.

Have you played Food Truck Tycoon?

The 3 Best Songs On BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona Album

BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona Album

It's been a week since the much anticipated BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona album was released. The album was incredibly hyped and rightly so. BTS is HUGE nowadays. But did the album really live up to the hype? I think so. During my first listen I was a bit sceptical. However, I've now had a good chance to listen to each and every track in full, multiple times in fact. Many of the tracks have really, really grown on me. I can hand on heart say that I am really enjoying Map Of The Soul: Persona. Therefore, I feel like now is a good time to share some love for my three favourite tracks on the Korean boyband's sixth extended play. 

Now many of you might be shocked to see that the much talked about Dionysus hasn't made it on to my little list. Honestly? It's a banging track. However, I've just found myself wanting to listen to the other tracks mentioned below that little bit more. But that doesn't mean to say that I don't really like Dionysus, because I do. Anyway, without further ado, here are the 3 best songs on the album, according to me of course.

Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)

The first of the 3 best songs on BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona for sure has to be the title track Boy With Luv. This track is super upbeat and has a kinda disco vibe which is sure to make you want to have a little dance. It kind of reminds me of TXT's Crown in some ways. The track is super happy and will for sure get stuck in your head, even after just one listen. Boy With Luv also features US female singer Halsey. I'm always a bit sceptical about collaborations but Halsey's vocals work surprisingly well on the track. For me, the highlights of the song have to be Jimin's angelic vocals and Suga's unbelievably deep rap.

Make It Right

The second of the 3 best songs on BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona would have to be Make It Right. This is a track that was co-written by Ed Sheeran. However, oddly I don't think it has that signature Ed Sheeran sound to it. However, in my opinion, I'd say that's a good thing as BTS really have put their own stamp on the track. Make it right is an R&B pop track that features a prominent synth trumpet which I'd usually find highly annoying but it adds another satisfying layer to Make It Right. 

For me, the highlight of the song is definitely Jungkook’s falsetto. I also really like V's vocals on the track. That's not to say I don't enjoy all the other member's parts, because I really do. I just feel like Jungkook & V stand out on Make It Right. I feel like Make It Right is definitely an underrated track that deserves more love as it really is great quality.


The third of the 3 best songs on BTS Map Of The Soul: Persona would without a doubt have to be Mikrokosmos. Out of all the songs on the album, I'd have to say that I personally find Mikrokosmos the most beautiful track. The song features trap drums and rock guitars throughout. It contains some of the most beautiful lyrics and I feel like it really showcases the group's vocals. This is fairly different from your typical K-Pop track and I like it a lot. Perhaps this is the direction BTS will be heading in the future? Who knows. One thing is for certain, Mikrokosmos is an absolute tune and one I've had on repeat. 

So there you have it, my favourite 3 tracks from Map Of The Soul: Persona. What do you think of the album? How do you think it compared to the likes of Love Yourself: Answer? Do you think Boy With Luv is just as good as BTS's previous title track Idol? Which member do you think really shines on the new album? Although I enjoy each and every member, I feel like Jimin, Jin, Jungkook and V have really stood out on this album. The vocals just seem to be incredibly strong. That's not to say the rap line hasn't been good because it's been epic. It's just I feel like the vocalists have grown so much and that's really shown throughout this extended play.  

4 Of The Prettiest Fortnite Skins In The Game Right Now

Fortnite Malice Skin With The Star Wand Pickaxe

I absolutely love Fortnite and one of my favourite things about the game is the fact that you can customise your character. You can purchase harvesting tools, weapon wraps, back bling and of course skins. Over the last year of playing Fortnite, I've acquired a nice little collection of skins and although I do like pretty much all the skins in my locker, there are a few that stand out. After talking about my top Fortnite weapons I thought it was time to share some love for my favourite skins.

Now when it comes to purchasing skins I tend to stick towards purchasing the female versions of skins. This isn't because I dislike male skins. I quickly snapped up the Fallen Love Ranger and was happy to part with my cash to get my hands on the Molten Battle Hound as part of the Lava Legends pack. It's simply just because I find the female skins more appealing as they tend to be prettier and I enjoy playing as a female. So now that I've cleared that up, I'll get on to talking about the four skins that I think are the prettiest in Fortnite right now.


The first of the prettiest Fortnite skins that I love is Malice. She's a legendary skin that'll set you back a hefty 2,000 V-Bucks. She first appeared in the item shop on the 21st March 2019 and that is when I snapped her up. As soon as I spotted her I fell in love. Malice is pretty much a female devil complete with horns and tail. She sports black leather attire consisting of a jacket with chains, short shorts, black boots and a crop top. She has the most incredible green eyes, stylish black bob and some badass black lipstick. She's basically amazeballs. She also comes with back bling in the form of Malice Wings, however, I personally think the Molten Valkyrie Wings that you get in the Lava Legends pack suit Malice way more.

Fortnite Malice Skin

Dark Bomber

The second of the prettiest Fortnite skins that I love is Dark Bomber. She's a rare skin coming in at 1,200 V-Bucks. She first appeared in the item shop on the 4th of October 2018 and is for sure a popular rare skin. If you're aware of Brite Bomber, Dark Bomber is pretty much a darker version. Dark Bomber sports a purple and black suit embezzled with purple rune symbols which are associated with Kevin the cube (RIP fella!) Also on her suit is a fire breathing llama which is pretty cool. 

As for Dark Bomber's face, she has a pale lilac complexion with some funky pink eyes and lips. She's got dark tied up hair along with sunglasses plonked on top of her head and black fingerless gloves. Oh, and she comes with Dark Bag back bling which sports the same picture as her top. It kind of reminds me of a lunch bag plus it has a little mini Kevin the cube keychain which is cool.

Fortnite Dark Bomber Skin


The third of the prettiest Fortnite skins in Arachne. She's a legendary skin much like Malice and will set you back 2,000 V-Bucks. She first appeared in the item shop on the 20th of October 2018. Arachne is basically a badass spider skin who rocks a black and red leather outfit like an absolute boss. If you're a fan of darker skins, this one is definitely for you. Arachne not only sports a cool AF outfit, but she's also got this awesome spider eyes headwear which means her human eyes are covered and you only see her dark lipstick and the lower half of her face. She rocks this short grey hairdo and has web-like patterns on her upper arms which are super effective. Arachne also comes with the Long Legs back bling which is pretty much a spider and only adds to the skin's amazingness.

Fortnite Arachne Skin


The fourth and final of the prettiest Fortnite skins is Lace. She's an epic skin so will set you back 1,500 V-Bucks. Lace first appeared in the item shop back on the 12th January 2019. This is when I decided to add her to my skin collection. Lace is basically an anime style girl who sports Kabuki-style makeup. She has a striking white face, pink lipstick and some cool winged eyeliner. She's also wearing some round Harry Potter style glasses. 

Lace has the most amazing pink and purple pigtails, a huge black hair bow, a single lace glove and a fantastic black, pink and grey outfit. Her long sleeved top bears the mark of a dragon in a figure of 8 and her skirt has a black floral pattern with a hot pink trim. She also wears two different thigh high socks and some really amazing chunky black boots. Lace also comes with the Stitches back blink which is a one-eyed black and pink teddy bear. This is by far my favourite back bling and I pretty much wear it 90% of the time when playing. 

Fortnite Lace Skin

So there you have it, four of the prettiest Fortnite skins. I can't wait to see what Epic have up their sleeve and live in hope that even prettier skins are released in the near future as I'd love to add more into my collection. That being said I think my bank balance has other hopes!

What's your favourite Fortnite skin?

How To Easily Make Lots Of Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS with a pretty pink Nintendo 2DS console


One of my all time favourite games is for sure Animal Crossing New Leaf. Although I love exciting games like Resident Evil 7 and I love the adrenaline pumping excitement of experimenting with all the Fortnite weapons, the addictive life simulation game has been a firm favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. It is my go-to game when I want to unwind and relax on an evening. Seriously it is so calming. In the game, you basically play as the Mayor of your very own town. You can do a variety of things in the game such as catching creepy crawlies, planting fruit, fishing, communicating with the animal residents and you can even discover buried fossils. 

In the town, you have your own home which you can upgrade, expand and decorate with some pretty cool home furniture. You can also upgrade your town by adding additional bridges and things like water fountains and benches. To upgrade your house and town you'll need money. In the case of Animal Crossing New Leaf, the currency of choice is Bells. If you're new to ACNL then you might be confused as to how you actually obtain bells. Well, there are a number of ways.

Sell unwanted furniture and gifts 

The first way you can make money is by selling unwanted furniture and gifts. Throughout the game, you will receive gifts from the residents of your town when you carry out tasks. You can also receive items from townfolk by writing letters and attaching presents such as fruit. To do this head to Nookling Junction and purchase some paper. Then simply write a few letters and drag and drop some fruit into the said letters and then head to the post office to send the letters. Sometimes the residents will reply and gift you items, sometimes they won't. Once you receive items you can either keep them or make some money from them by selling them to either Nookling Junction or my favourite place, Re-Tail. 

Sell fruit, fish, fossils and bugs and exploit time travelling to make a real quick buck

The second way you can easily make money is to sell things that are already in your town. The first thing you can easily sell is fruit. When you start your game you'll start with one of five fruits. You'll either have Peaches, Apples, Oranges, Pears or Cherries. Each fruit will sell for 100 bells but if you discover one of the other five other fruits and grow those, you'll receive 500 bells per piece. If you plant Island fruits and grow those, you'll get 250 bells per piece. There are also perfect variants of the five starter fruits that grow. These can spawn randomly or you can buy fertilizer to plant next to the tree to increase the chances of spawning perfect fruit. These perfect fruits sell for 600 bells if they're native and a nice 3,000 bells if they're not.

My advice? When you start your game plant as many fruits as you can. In the long run, you'll find it much easier to make more money quickly and this is where time travelling comes in. Fruit trees grow every three days and contain three pieces of fruit, with the exception of Bananas and Coconuts which contain two pieces. Animal Crossing New Leaf works in real time so if you play the game normally you'll have to wait three real-time days for new fruit to spawn.

Speed things up by time travelling

However, if you really want to speed things up you can essentially time travel. To do this simply head into your DS settings and change the date. Once you go into your game it'll be a new day and you'll be able to pick and sell all your newly spawned fruit. This is probably my most favourite "cheat" as it means I can keep super busy during my gameplay. Ultimately I can make a lot of bells for a few hours of play.  

Having said that, I'd only recommend carrying this out if you're not really too bothered about changing your time and date back. I do believe changing your time back can have consequences but I'm not entirely sure as I don't personally put my time or date back. Not only that, I know some people may have other games that rely on having an accurate time and date.  So if you're not just playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, give this careful consideration. 

Time travelling also means that you can discover fossils and seashells quicker and of course you can fish and catch bugs and sell them quicker. For example, if you've been fishing at night and the shop is closed, simply change the time and hey presto, you can head to the shop instead of having to wait in real time. And remember, don't turn your nose up as selling bugs, fossils, fish, deep sea creatures and shells. You can make a pretty penny out of them. Bugs sell for between 60 bells and 12,000 bells. Fossils sell for between 1,000 bells and 6,000 bells. Fish sell for between 100 bells and a whopping 15,000 bells. Deep-sea creatures sell for between 100 bells and 10,000 bells. And finally, shells sell for between 60 bells and 1,200 bells. 

Take advantage of the Money Rock in your town

Now my third and final favourite way that you can super easily make bells is by discovering the daily Money Rock in your town. Now each day one of the rocks in your town will contain bells. You can discover said bells by hitting the rocks in your town with a shovel. This is available to purchase at Nookling Junction along with the fishing rod, net and axe. All of which will come in handy. Now the key thing to remember is that the more you hit the rock, the more bells you'll get. 

Now when you hit the rock after a couple of hits you'll naturally be pushed back. This is something you want to avoid and to do this you can do one of two things. The first option is to dig holes to the sides and behind your character. This essentially traps you and stops that annoying push back. Another option? Plant some bushes. Either method works and will enable you to make even more money. 

Another thing worth keeping your eyes peeled for is a daily "fake" rock in your town. If you've got a good memory you'll be likely to spot this imposter rock straight away but if not you can check each rock by striking with your shovel. Once discovered the rock will break to reveal an Ore. These Ores can be used to create furniture or can be sold for between 2,000 and 4,000 bells. Not bad for something that can be found very easily each day.

Regardless of why you want lots of bells, only use methods that make the game enjoyable for you

There are many ways to make bells in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I could chat all day about various methods and strategies but I hope that someone out there can take something away and benefit from the things I've mentioned above when it comes to making bells fairly quickly. Whether you'll making bells to improve your town or to get your hands on that 1 million bell crown from Able Sisters, I hope you succeed and most importantly have fun in the process!

What is your favourite method to make bells in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

Is The Sailor Moon Funko POP! The Champion Of Justice?

Sailor Moon Funko POP! Figure


If I had to choose one Funko POP! figure as my absolute all-time favourite I think I'd for sure have to pick my Sailor Moon figure. If you know me then you'll know I'm a big Sailor Moon fan so for many, this probably won't come as a surprise. Although I must admit I do adore both my Tuxedo Mask Funko POP! and my Black Lady Funko POP! This one just pips them to the post. Ever since I was a kid I've absolutely adored both the Sailor Moon manga and the anime. I just love everything about it and how it screams female empowerment. Currently, as the range stands, I own all of the main Sailor Moon Funko POP! collection minus the likes of the glitter versions, Sailor Moon holding the moon stick and Super Sailor Moon which are proving difficult to get hold of here in the UK.

Sailor Moon is the star of the show

Regardless of the ones I'm missing, I love my Sailor Moon collection and that centres around the main lady herself, Sailor Moon. This particular figure actually comes with a little Luna which I personally think is the most perfect addition. The Sailor Moon figure has the anime and manga star's famous long blonde locks complete with that signature odango style which earnt her the nickname of bunhead. She also sports her famous white, blue and red outfit which we all know and love. 

What I really love about this figure though are the details. Firstly we have Sailor Moon's pretty gold crescent moon earrings. Then we have her moon tiara. Both add a lovely hint of gold to the Sailor Moon Funko POP! which I find to be a nice touch. In terms of the paint job, I feel like I've been lucky as my figure is pretty near to perfect. Yeah, there are very minor mistakes here and there but as with all Funkos, this is to be expected. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Sailor Moon's eyes, brows and nose look? They really help to achieve that anime style look.

This figure stands well although Luna is a bit wobbly

Another thing I love? The fact that Funko chose to have the figure do the pose that Sailor Moon does right after she transforms from Usagi. I think this was a really cool move that is for sure appreciated by many fans of the hit Japanese series. Another thing worth mentioning about this Funko is that Usagi's pigtails balance her nicely meaning that you don't have to worry about her toppling over, despite her big head to little legs ratio. If you are a little worried though fear not, this Funko also comes with a supportive stand, just in case. 

Luna stands fairly well considering her size and uneven bottom. However, she doesn't stay upright for long as the slightest knock and she ends up toppling over. For me, it's not a massive issue as it is a rare occurrence that I disturb the area in which she sits but I suspect for many it could become annoying if you house your collection out of their boxes. In terms of Luna's paint job, she's pretty simple with an all over purple look, black features and gold crescent moon sat on her forehead. She's simple but effective looking and I love her very much. All in all, though, I really love this Funko. I think the company did a really good job at capturing Sailor Moon and they produced something nicely made. I would definitely recommend this figure, especially to any Sailor Moon fans out there.

Are you a Sailor Moon fan?

3 Reasons Why You Should Play The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between Gameplay

Earlier this month I shared my Crackdown 3 review and I thought since I've been playing quite a few games it was time for another little review. This time it's the turn of The Gardens Between, a game that is pretty much worlds apart from Crackdown's third offering. Not heard of The Gardens Between? Well, neither had I. However, I discovered the game whilst browsing through the games available to download as part of the Xbox game pass. The Gardens Between isn't the typical game I'd go for. The Gardens Between is a puzzle game developed by Australian studio The Voxel Agents. It was released back in September 2018 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, P4 and Xbox One. The latter on which I played the game. Now normally I'm not a massive fan of puzzle games but this game intrigued me so I thought I'd give it a go and boy am I glad I did. So why did I like the game so much? Well for three main reasons.

1. The Gardens Between is challenging but fun

The first reason why I liked The Gardens Between was basically for the gameplay and the challenges involved. In the game, you play as two children, Arina and her buddy Frendt. There is no script and you only use three buttons in the entire game. You essentially take a journey into the memories of the girl and boy and have to solve each puzzle by carrying a lantern to the peak. Sound simple? Well, there are obstacles in the way when guiding the young pair. To overcome these you must manipulate time back and forth which is a fun and interesting concept.

Because you are able to bend time this creates many possibilities which really gives the game a challenging aspect. I wouldn't say The Gardens Between is difficult but it does make you think and you soon begin to realise how clever the game is once you start putting two and two together when it comes each puzzle. In the game, there was only one area that I got really frustrated with. For this, I ended up referencing an online guide for help but if you put your mind to it, The Gardens Between is challenging but fun. I certainly think the game is suitable for all ages although younger kids may need a little assistance here and there.

Arina and Frendt The Gardens Between Gameplay

2. The Gardens Between is beautiful and super calming

The second reason why I really enjoyed The Gardens Between? It is beautiful. Both visually and for it's story. Although this is something you that is pretty much interpreted by the player as there isn't a script as such. The game story centres around the young friendship of the pair and the memories they hold. Without giving too much away, the story is bittersweet and may even get you right in the feels depending on how sensitive you are. Visually the game is pretty as heck. There's just something about the cartoon artwork that works incredibly well with the game. It just feels very fitting with the story. 

Not only is the game beautiful, but it is also always incredibly calming. I put this greatly down to The Gardens Between soundtrack. Each track is pretty delicate and ambient giving that real meditative feel. The calming soundtrack teamed up with the casual untimed play enable you to feel next to no pressure at all and truly give you the feeling that you are able to work through the game at your own time and pace.

Arina and Frendt from The Gardens Between

3. If you're an achievement hunter, The Gardens Between offers a quick to achieve 1000 gamerscore

The third and final reason why I recommend checking out The Gardens Between? If you're an achievement hunter this game offers a very quick to achieve 1000 gamerscore. It took me just a few hours to complete the game and by that, I mean unlocking all the achievements. If you're someone who is looking to increase your gamerscore quickly and you want something relatively easy to play, give this game a try.

All in all The Gardens Between is a visual treat and a fabulous way to relax after a long and stressful week. Even if you're not a big puzzle fan like myself I recommend giving it a chance and seeing what you think. Perhaps you might enjoy it just as much as I did?

What is your favourite game to relax with?

Is Crackdown 3 Campaign Worth Playing?

Crackdown 3 Gameplay

One day when browsing through the games available on the Xbox Game Pass I decided to download the relatively new Crackdown 3. Prior to this, I'd never played a Crackdown game in my life. So  I pretty much went in with an open mind. Basically, Crackdown 3 is a third-person action adventure shooter that takes place 10 years after the events of Crackdown 2 in which a terrorist attack killed power around the world. In Crackdown 3 the agency traces the attack to a city called New Providence. This place is controlled by Terra Nova, a mysterious organisation. After the agency's first strike attempt fails, it's your turn as the player to dismantle Terra Nova.

A pretty game with a fairly easy to navigate open world

Crackdown 3 has a beautiful open world that is packed full of neon futuristic visuals which are super pretty. The open world its self feels fairly easy to navigate and it doesn't take a decade to get from one place to the next like some games. That being said this is obviously made easier by fast travel locations which you unlock as you progress through the game. In terms of the vehicles in Crackdown 3, there are some incredibly pretty cars in the game. I mean I found the cutest pink little motor. However, I hate driving in the game. It just feels really sloppy and I found the skill hard to level up.

Crackdown 3 Pretty Pink Car

Terrible driving

The game pretty much runs on a “skills for kills” system which means that to level up your skills (agility, strength, driving, firearms and explosive) you basically just use the skills. So for example with firearms, the more shoot and kill enemies, the more you'll up your skill. With driving to up the skill you need to compete in races. You can also go through stunt rings dotted around the map. For me because of the poor car controls, I found racing very unenjoyable. Going through the stunt rings was not much better either. 

Because of my lack of coordination, I found a few of them quite hard to complete. I even tested out to throwing the car through the ring and jumping through the ring myself whilst holding the car as a last ditch attempt to try and bypass my issue. However, neither worked although testing out both methods did give me a chuckle. I basically gave up on driving. I just disliked it so much and to this day it remains at a skill that prevents me from gaining a couple of achievements which is kinda frustrating. However, I'm not going to force myself to play something I don't enjoy.

Crackdown 3 Krill Noodles Pit Stop

Some aspects are fun but it does get repetitive

Another issue I have? The shooting. Now at first, I thought the auto-aim was a godsend. However, the more I play the more I realise that there is actually very little skill involved. Part of me kinda likes it as it gives the game a really laid back feel and it just feels fun. That being said it after a while it does get a tad repetitive and it starts to make you lose interest in the game. In my opinion, this seems to be a big problem with Crackdown 3, it gets repetitive. 

Collecting orbs, easily killing enemies with pretty much no skill and just blowing things up all contribute to the game feeling repetitive as time goes on. It just kind of feels like a bit of a grind. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy playing the game but it did feel a little old if that makes sense? Like it didn't feel like a new game because I felt like it lacked innovation and something new and exciting. I think for me personally the highlight of the game was battling the bosses. This is pretty much the only aspect of the game where I felt like skill was involved but even then it didn't feel difficult. Or even that much of a challenge. It was fun and laid back but a million times better than just going around the map collecting orbs.

Crackdown 3 Campaign Gameplay

Not terrible but not amazing

All in all, I didn't hate Crackdown 3 but I wasn't head over heels in love with it either. To a certain extent, I had a lot of fun playing the game. However, as I played more and more, I began to grow tired and bored. Once you defeat all the bosses and you're left with levelling up your skills, the game really does just feel like one massive grind. Also, just a heads up for anyone struggling with the "Justice Has Been Served" achievement, although you think you've done everything, you haven't and might be a bit confused. I know I was. Basically, if you check your targets page look at all the optional objectives under each target. You have to complete each one of those to get the achievement. I realised I was missing a Moonshine Kiosk and two Intel Fragments which didn't show on the map.

Have you played Crackdown 3? What did you think of it?
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