3 Great Tracks Your Should Listen To In November 2018

3 Great Tracks Your Should Listen To In November 2018

Steve Aoki ft BTS - Waste It On Me

The first of the 3 great tracks you should listen to in November 2018 is Steve Aoki ft BTS - Waste It On Me. Now although this track does feature BTS, not all members actually feature on the track. You only actually hear members Jungkook and RM with a hint of Jimin during the chorus. However, that doesn't mean to say the track is a letdown, because it isn't. Unlike previous BTS tracks, this song is entirely in English. Now, this isn't the first time DJ Steve Aoki has worked with the band. Steve has previously remixed the track MIC Drop and even featured on the Love Yourself: Tear Album. Now he's got BTS featuring on his very own track and the song certainly pleased my ears.

Waste It On Me is a chilled toe-tapping track that features brassy synths. The track is very smooth and showcases Jungkook's wonderful vocals with pops of Jimin's angelic voice in the chorus. Also in the track not only do we hear RM's unique rap skills, but we also hear Namjoon sing which is always a treat. I think this is a great track featuring BTS. Plus undeniably it is one aimed more at the Western market compared to other tracks featuring the Korean boyband. In my eyes, this is a good thing as it means the group is being recognised and taken seriously more globally.

Of Mice & Men - Back To Me

The second of the 3 great tracks you should listen to in November 2018 is Of Mice and Men - Back To Me. Of Mice and Men have produced some absolute bangers over the years like Second and Sebring but be warned this track isn't for the faint-hearted. If you're not a fan of screaming and heavy language, I'd give this one a miss. However, Back To Me is much toned down in the sense it contains no screaming. This could be due to the fact the Of Mice & Men have a new lead singer after Austin Carlile stepped down due to health reasons before the track was created.

Now although the track kinda sways away from Of Mice & Men's signature metalcore sound, at its heart it is still noticeably the band's work. Despite not being super heavy and intense as a lot of their other tracks, it's still recognisably Of Mice & Men. If I'm being really controversial I'd even go as far as saying this track kinda has a more mainstream sound. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing as I think it could mean that more people discover the band. However, I think that fans of that really heavy sound may be left feeling a little disappointed and left down.

Regardless the track is empowering with pretty clean vocals. It has an infectious chorus that you can't help singing along to. Plus it kinda gives you a glimpse into the groups new era and updated sound. Oh and it's also worth noting that this track isn't super new. However, it was released on Of Mice & Men's most recent album Defy which came out at the start of the year.

Key ft Soyou - Forever Yours

The third of the 3 great tracks you should listen to in November 2018 is Key ft Soyou - Forever Yours. Now you may know Key from K-Pop group SHINee who I mentioned in my September music favourites, August music favourites and my June music favourites. Well, Key has basically launched his solo career and his first track released from his upcoming album is Forever Yours. Forever Yours is a catchy track that combines tropical beats with a hint of synthpop. The song in a lot of ways has a similar feel to some of SHINee's newer material such as Countless and I Want You which I simply love.

Also on the track is Soyou who many will know from the now no more girl group Sistar who disbanded over a year ago.  The first voice you hear on the track is Soyou's which is very soft and sweet. Am I a massive fan? Not really but the addiction isn't utterly terrible. It just seems to get a little washed out as the track goes on and on. Even more so when Key's vocals come in. Overall the track is catchy. The chorus gets you grooving and if it had more English lyrics I could definitely see the Western top 40 taking a shine to it.
What songs have you recently been loving?

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