The 4 Best Songs On The BTS Love Yourself: Answer Album

The 4 Best Songs On The BTS Love Yourself: Answer Album


Now that the BTS Love Yourself: Answer album has been out for a little while I've had a good chance to listen to all the tracks to death and I feel like now is the right time to share what four songs I think are the best. Love Yourself: Answer is a brilliant album from the Korean boyband that has a great positive message. In my opinion, each song on the album is excellent and there isn't a single track that I'm not a fan of. With the album being a repackage this means that songs from other albums in the Love Yourself series are also included. However, there are also seven new songs. The four songs I've mentioned are all new songs that the band haven't featured on any other album before. This doesn't mean to say that I don't like the previously heard before songs. I just thought I'd share my top four new songs. 

As previously stated I really do love this album. I preordered the physical album from HMV and I've been very impressed with it. The packaging is super pretty although I did receive the wrong sleeve for my cover as on the side it reads the wrong character. However, this is a known issue and I have requested a new sleeve from Big Hit, so it's all good. I also got my first photo card! I was lucky to receive V's photocard who just happens to be one of my favourites. Anyway, enough chatter, onto the four best songs. Well in my eyes anyway.


The first of the 4 best songs on the BTS Love Yourself: Answer album is obviously the title track Idol. I did a whole blog post on BTS Idol when it was released and my love for the track has only grown since then. Idol is a high energy track that is a mix of South African beats, hip-hop and EDM. It's one of those songs that you can't help but dance to. It's catchy, upbeat and features BTS proclaiming self-love. The video to the track is also well worth a watch. If you're a BTS fan it features many, many references which will make you smile. However, if you're new to the group you'll be treated to an explosion of colour as well as some brilliant choreography and visuals from the seven talented guys.

I'm Fine

The second of the 4 best songs on the BTS Love Yourself: Answer album is I'm Fine. Now if you've heard BTS - Save Me, this is basically a follow on from that track. It features the same addictive beat but the story has progressed. I think BTS have been very clever with these two tracks as not only have they created two excellent tracks, they've also tackled the subject of mental health. I also love the fact that the group have used an Ambigram in their promotions. Not sure what an Ambigram is? Basically, it's a word or symbol which reads or looks different from different perspectives. In this case, Save Me reads and appears as I'm Fine when turned upside down. Basically, it is a very clever visual.

In terms of the actual song, I'm Fine has a really good rhythm to it, powerful lyrics and some absolutely stunning vocals. I personally love V's opening lines and RM's rap verse where he states "How you doin? Im fine, My sky is clear,  All pain, say goodbye, Goodbye" Suga's super fast rap is also equally as impressive. In terms of actual genre, I'd say the track has a very drum and bass vibe to it. Listen below to the Save Me and I'm Fine compilation to see Ambigram and the two tracks side by side.

Answer: Love Myself

The third of the 4 best songs on the BTS Love Yourself: Answer album is Answer: Love Myself. Out of all the tracks, I'd say this is the sweetest and soppiest song on the album but that isn't a bad thing. The song is an emotional mid-tempo ballad which tells us how important it is to love ourselves. The song features some absolutely beautiful lines from the group's vocalists but the rapped lines also surprisingly work very effectively too. My favourite line of the song? "You show me I have reasons I should love myself" The song is the perfect track to bring their excellent Love Yourself series to a close.

Trivia: Just Dance

And the fourth and final of the 4 best songs on the BTS Love Yourself: Answer album is Trivia: Just Dance. This track is a solo song from member J-Hope and you can tell straight away as it features his signature vibe which we heard on his solo mixtape Hope World. The track is a funky hip-hop song which reminds me both of Daydream and Hope World. It's an excellent track and slots nicely into the album.

Have you got your hands on Love Yourself: Answer yet? What did you think of the album?

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