Why Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Is Really Not Worth Watching

Why Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Is Really Not Worth Watching


When it comes to movies I'll pretty much watch anything and everything. One of my favourite genres from when I was younger was definitely teen rom-coms. I loved films like John Tucker Must Die, The Princess Diaries and Mean Girls. Now don't get me wrong, nowadays I still love and appreciate a lot of teen rom-coms from my early teen years. However, I've moved on from the more soppy and unrealistic flicks as I find myself kinda cringing at them. Not long back I gave To All The Boys I've Loved Before a watch on Netflix and let me tell you, I loved it. I loved how it wasn't super sickly sweet but there was great chemistry and I adored how well both Lana Condor and Noah Centineo played their parts. The story kept me interested, it flowed well and all in all I enjoyed it. After watching the film I was then recommended Sierra Burgess Is A Loser as another teen rom-com flick.

Doesn't even come close to To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Did Sierra Burgess Is A Loser compare to the wonderful To All The Boys I've Loved Before? Hell no. In fact, I'd even go as far as saying it kinda narked me in more ways than one. Firstly for those unaware SBIAL is a movie which follows Sierra Burgess, a smart but unpopular teen who dreams of getting into a top university. Sierra isn't a slim chick, she's like me, a larger than average lady and when I first saw the film advertised I was like "Yes! Something I can relate to!" However, in reality, that was not the case. In the flick, Sierra's number is given to Jamey, a sweet football player by Veronica, a popular mean girl who attempts to make Sierra's life miserable. Jamey thinks he is receiving Veronica's number and proceeds to unknowingly message Sierra. 

The two basically begin flirting and then Sierra realises that Jamey thinks he is texting someone else who she later finds out to be Veronica. Long story short Sierra tells her best bud Dan who tells her she's catfishing Jamey and that is is illegal to which Sierra defends herself by saying that they're her words that Jamey is reading and taking a liking to, not Veronica's. This is pretty much where the film gets really messed up. Sierra then approaches Veronica who's upset after being dumped by her college boyfriend and she offers to help Veronica seem more mature and intellectual to appeal to her ex and win him back. In exchange, Sierra asks for Veronica to help her continue to talk to Jamey.

There are a lot of eyebrow-raising moments in the film

Veronica surprisingly accepts and the two start helping each other out. Later in the film, Jamey asks Sierra to go on a date, still thinking she is in fact, Veronica. Veronica then attends the date for Sierra and at one point makes Jamey close his eyes for a kiss whilst Sierra comes in and kisses him. At this point, Jamey obviously thinks he is kissing Veronica. I particularly hate this part as it makes it seem acceptable to just forget all about consent. Another terrible part for me is when Sierra and Dan spot Jamey outside with his deaf brother. 

Not wanting Jamey to recognise her voice Sierra then pretends that she is also deaf. This point of the film is just sick and so morally wrong. It just made me dislike the character even more. Then we have the ending of the film. Basically, Jamey kisses Veronica, Sierra sees this and is hurt. What she doesn't see is Veronica angry at Jamey for doing this but obviously, the poor guy has no idea what is really going on. At this point, Sierra is raging at Veronica and decides to expose the fact that Veronica's boyfriend dumped her over DM. Oh and she pops this on the big screen at the football game. Veronica then tells Jamey the truth. Sierra approaches him and tries to explain but Jamey tells them both to just stay the hell away and who can blame him?

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser has a TERRIBLE ending

As for the ending, Sierra writes an apology song titled Sunflower for Veronica and then Veronica sends the song to Jamey. He then decides to forgive Sierra and takes her to homecoming. The dude even brings her a sunflower and expresses that she is his type. They kiss, go to homecoming and then Veronica and Sierra as seen hugging it all out. That is pretty much the entire movie. Now let me tell you, this film is SO flawed. Like the ending alone is shocking. To put it mildly, Sierra was an absolute dick in the film. She did NOT deserve that happy ending. She didn't deserve Jamey and she certainly didn't deserve the forgiveness of Veronica. 

I just felt throughout the film I started to dislike Sierra more and more. Don't get me wrong I love Shannon Purser. I thought she was brilliant as Barb in Stranger Things but in this, I just couldn't like her character. On the other hand, I loved the character of Jamey, I thought Noah Centineo played him well which was one of the very few good points about the film. I just didn't get on with the film at all. Not only did it make consent seem like it didn't matter there were also both transphobic and homophobic jokes throughout the film. Then we have the offensive scene in which Sierra pretends to be deaf. There was just way too much bad stuff going on for my liking that I couldn't just "let slide."

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser could have been brilliant but it fell flat

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser just sort of made it out like saying and doing these sort of offensive and morally wrong things is acceptable. We live in 2018. Times have changed for the better. The morally wrong parts of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser really made the film feel dated.  I honestly believe that with a better script this film could have been really great. Like if they cut all the offensiveness and made the film more about the girl's friendship it could have been top notch. 

The film had a strong cast but the story just didn't deliver. It left me feeling really let down when the end credits started to roll and kinda like I had wasted my time. This isn't the first time I've felt this way when it comes to a Netflix movie. Heck, I even wrote a post on films you should avoid. Fingers crossed the next Nexflix film I watch isn't quite as bad!

What did you think of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser?

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