Why Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Is Really Not Worth Watching

Why Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Is Really Not Worth Watching


When it comes to movies I'll pretty much watch anything and everything. One of my favourite genres from when I was younger was definitely teen rom-coms. I loved films like John Tucker Must Die, The Princess Diaries and Mean Girls. Now don't get me wrong, nowadays I still love and appreciate a lot of teen rom-coms from my early teen years. However, I've moved on from the more soppy and unrealistic flicks as I find myself kinda cringing at them. Not long back I gave To All The Boys I've Loved Before a watch on Netflix and let me tell you, I loved it. I loved how it wasn't super sickly sweet but there was great chemistry and I adored how well both Lana Condor and Noah Centineo played their parts. The story kept me interested, it flowed well and all in all I enjoyed it. After watching the film I was then recommended Sierra Burgess Is A Loser as another teen rom-com flick.

Doesn't even come close to To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Did Sierra Burgess Is A Loser compare to the wonderful To All The Boys I've Loved Before? Hell no. In fact, I'd even go as far as saying it kinda narked me in more ways than one. Firstly for those unaware SBIAL is a movie which follows Sierra Burgess, a smart but unpopular teen who dreams of getting into a top university. Sierra isn't a slim chick, she's like me, a larger than average lady and when I first saw the film advertised I was like "Yes! Something I can relate to!" However, in reality, that was not the case. In the flick, Sierra's number is given to Jamey, a sweet football player by Veronica, a popular mean girl who attempts to make Sierra's life miserable. Jamey thinks he is receiving Veronica's number and proceeds to unknowingly message Sierra. 

The two basically begin flirting and then Sierra realises that Jamey thinks he is texting someone else who she later finds out to be Veronica. Long story short Sierra tells her best bud Dan who tells her she's catfishing Jamey and that is is illegal to which Sierra defends herself by saying that they're her words that Jamey is reading and taking a liking to, not Veronica's. This is pretty much where the film gets really messed up. Sierra then approaches Veronica who's upset after being dumped by her college boyfriend and she offers to help Veronica seem more mature and intellectual to appeal to her ex and win him back. In exchange, Sierra asks for Veronica to help her continue to talk to Jamey.

There are a lot of eyebrow-raising moments in the film

Veronica surprisingly accepts and the two start helping each other out. Later in the film, Jamey asks Sierra to go on a date, still thinking she is in fact, Veronica. Veronica then attends the date for Sierra and at one point makes Jamey close his eyes for a kiss whilst Sierra comes in and kisses him. At this point, Jamey obviously thinks he is kissing Veronica. I particularly hate this part as it makes it seem acceptable to just forget all about consent. Another terrible part for me is when Sierra and Dan spot Jamey outside with his deaf brother. 

Not wanting Jamey to recognise her voice Sierra then pretends that she is also deaf. This point of the film is just sick and so morally wrong. It just made me dislike the character even more. Then we have the ending of the film. Basically, Jamey kisses Veronica, Sierra sees this and is hurt. What she doesn't see is Veronica angry at Jamey for doing this but obviously, the poor guy has no idea what is really going on. At this point, Sierra is raging at Veronica and decides to expose the fact that Veronica's boyfriend dumped her over DM. Oh and she pops this on the big screen at the football game. Veronica then tells Jamey the truth. Sierra approaches him and tries to explain but Jamey tells them both to just stay the hell away and who can blame him?

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser has a TERRIBLE ending

As for the ending, Sierra writes an apology song titled Sunflower for Veronica and then Veronica sends the song to Jamey. He then decides to forgive Sierra and takes her to homecoming. The dude even brings her a sunflower and expresses that she is his type. They kiss, go to homecoming and then Veronica and Sierra as seen hugging it all out. That is pretty much the entire movie. Now let me tell you, this film is SO flawed. Like the ending alone is shocking. To put it mildly, Sierra was an absolute dick in the film. She did NOT deserve that happy ending. She didn't deserve Jamey and she certainly didn't deserve the forgiveness of Veronica. 

I just felt throughout the film I started to dislike Sierra more and more. Don't get me wrong I love Shannon Purser. I thought she was brilliant as Barb in Stranger Things but in this, I just couldn't like her character. On the other hand, I loved the character of Jamey, I thought Noah Centineo played him well which was one of the very few good points about the film. I just didn't get on with the film at all. Not only did it make consent seem like it didn't matter there were also both transphobic and homophobic jokes throughout the film. Then we have the offensive scene in which Sierra pretends to be deaf. There was just way too much bad stuff going on for my liking that I couldn't just "let slide."

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser could have been brilliant but it fell flat

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser just sort of made it out like saying and doing these sort of offensive and morally wrong things is acceptable. We live in 2018. Times have changed for the better. The morally wrong parts of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser really made the film feel dated.  I honestly believe that with a better script this film could have been really great. Like if they cut all the offensiveness and made the film more about the girl's friendship it could have been top notch. 

The film had a strong cast but the story just didn't deliver. It left me feeling really let down when the end credits started to roll and kinda like I had wasted my time. This isn't the first time I've felt this way when it comes to a Netflix movie. Heck, I even wrote a post on films you should avoid. Fingers crossed the next Nexflix film I watch isn't quite as bad!

What did you think of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser?

6 Epic Songs You Should Listen To This September

6 Epic Songs You Should Listen To This September

I am a HUGE music lover. My taste varies so much and my love for artists grows daily. I posted quite a few music blog posts on my other blog for those as music-obsessed as myself. Anyway, so far this month I've been listening to a lot of new music but I thought I'd share six of my favourites today.

5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood

The first of the six songs that I recommend you listen to this month is 5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood. Now I know 5 Seconds Of Summer aren't everyone's cup of tea. Heck, I'm not really keen on any of their songs. However, this is SO different from their other songs. Youngblood has a much more mature feel compared to their other songs and features an awesome thumping beat. Along with its addictive rhythm, the song also combines delicate beautiful vocals with a stronger more booming chorus.

BTS - I'm Fine

The second of the six epic songs I recommend you listen to is BTS - I'm Fine. Earlier on my blog, I shared my thoughts on BTS IDOL from the Love Yourself: Answer album. I'm Fine also features on the album. The track is a euphoric EDM masterpiece that contains some really beautiful motivational lyrics. The song is also a follow on from the group's previous track Save Me. This might sound odd as the two tracks have polar opposite messages however, I'm Fine shows the progression in the Love Yourself series story. Plus it features that ear-pleasing beat from Save Me. Check out the video below where the group perform the two tracks together, thus showcasing the story. Trust me, it's extremely good and very clever.

Sigala - Just Got Paid

The third track you need to check out is Sigala - Just Got Paid. This track features big names like Ella Eyre, Meghan Trainor and French Montana. If you're looking for a feel-good track to get your groove on to, look no further. The contrast between Ella's deep vocals and Meghan's high pitched voice on the track is genius. French Montana's contribution is also surprisingly effective. That being said the true stand out point is the groovy disco trumpet sounds that the track features which I think is sure to make this a big hit.


Years and Years - All For You

The fourth of the epic songs you need to have blaring out your speakers is Years and Years - All For You. Years and Years are forever bringing out the catchiest tunes and All For You is no exception. The track has a quick tempo and is surprisingly bright and upbeat considering the songs is pretty much about a relationship failing. Regardless of the lyrics of the song singer Olly's vocals are on point as ever.

SHINee - Countless

The fifth song you need to check out is SHINee - Countless. I mentioned SHINee in my 6 superb songs to listen to in August and this month I'm mentioning the K-Pop group once again. Now it is no secret that I LOVE SHINee. For me, their vocals really do set them apart as all members have such distinctive beautiful voices. Countless features tropical sounds and an excellent beat that'll have you tapping your toes. The song is a dance number but more of a chilled dance track rather than an EDM banger. If you've listened to the band's Story Of Light series this track fits in well.

Disturbed - Are You Ready

The sixth and final song that I think you should listen to this month is Disturbed - Are You Ready. Now I know that this song has received pretty mixed reviews with many say that it is pretty much Disturbed doing Disturbed and I do agree. However, I still really do like the track. It's energetic and it features the unique and satisfying vocals of Mr David Draiman. I mean what more could you want?

What songs have you been loving this month?

How To Get Your Hands On Affordable Comics In The UK

How To Get Your Hands On Affordable Comics In The UK - Deadpool, The Punisher, Gwenpool, Darth Vader and More


Recently one thing I've been really into is reading. I've specifically been really into reading graphic novels and comics. For a while now I've been into reading manga. I'm a big fan of the likes of Sailor Moon, Sailor V and Cardcaptor Sakura but one of my new loves has been superhero comics and sometimes anti-hero comics if we're being all technical here. I've not got a huge collection of comics but I have a respectable little collection that I'm very nearly through reading. One thing I have noticed though is that here in the UK graphic novels and comics can be a little on the expensive side. This is frustrating but with a little research, I found a store that sells them at quite affordable prices, well compared to other stores I've looked at. That store? The Works believe it or not.

Affordable Deadpool graphic novels

Seriously, if you wanna get your hands on a few affordable comics to keep you occupied, check out The Works. As a big Deadpool fan, I picked up every available Deadpool comic which they had in stock and now part of me wants to create my own little Deadpool dedicated shelf on my bookcase, complete with my Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko POP! Anyway, the first book I picked up was Deadpool - The Complete Collection which contains episodes 50-63. You can probably imagine it is quite a big book. I believe this RRPs at around £29 but The Works are selling it for £10 which I think is pretty damn good.

If you're a big fan of the merc with a mouth then you'll probably love to have this in your collection. The second of the bigger Deadpool graphic novels I got my hands on was Deadpool Firsts. This again set me back £10 and contains a collection of stories from various series. This, in my opinion, is the ideal book to get for those new to both Deadpool and comics.

Comics from as little as £5

As for the smaller comics, they set me back £5 each. However, considering the RRPs are between £12.50 and £16.99 I think I got myself a good deal. The first of the smaller books I got was Deadpool MAX - Involuntary Armageddon. This comic sees Wade Wilson ditch his job as Deadpool to spend the rest of his life with his blushing bride. Obviously, that's not really what happens but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. The next book I got was Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. This is for sure one of my favourites. The title of this is pretty self-explanatory, to be honest. 

Another one of my favourites is Deadpool Kills Deadpool in which Deadpool attempts to kill himself in various forms. Other favourites of mine that I picked up include Deadpool and Cable - Split Second as well as Deadpool vs Thanos. Both of which contain Deadpool alongside two other awesome characters who I love.

Even more affordable comics from The Works

As for non-Deadpool graphic novels, I got my hands on three. The first? The Unbelievable Gwenpool - Volume 1 which cost me £5. Now let me tell you I LOVED this. Not heard of Gwenpool? Basically, she was a regular comic book reader who woke up in the Marvel universe. She's super beautiful, funny and has no skills or training. Basically, I love her. The second non-Deadpool book I got my hands on was The Punisher - The Complete Collection Vol 1 for £10. Now let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed this. The story follows Frank Castle, a guy who lost his wife and kids to the mob and has since become an unstoppable man who likes to kill. The story is super interesting and has been one of my favourite reads. 

And last but not least I got my hands on the hardback Star Wars - Darth Vader which set me back £10. I've not got round to reading this yet. However, let's be honest, Darth Vader is one of the greatest antagonists of all time so it should be amazing. In fact, it isn't a case of should be amazing, it will be amazing.

Are you a graphic novel/comic fan? Who is your favourite character? What are your thoughts on Deadpool?


3 Films That You Should For Sure Avoid Watching

3 Films That You Should For Sure Avoid Watching


How It Ends

The first of the three films that you should avoid is How It Ends. This flick had been in my Netflix list for a while so one Sunday myself and Peter decided to finally get around to watching it. Not heard of How It Ends? Well, it is a thriller action disaster film which stars famous faces like Theo James who starred in Divergent and Forest Whitaker who you may know from the likes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story amongst various other movies. Anyway, the story basically follows Will (Theo James) as he flies to Chicago to visit his pregnant partner Sam's parents. The purpose of the trip? He intends to ask Sam's disapproving father Tom (Forest Whitaker) for permission to marry her. Things don't really go to plan when the two males get into an argument over the dinner table. 

Anyway, the next day you see Sam call Will before he is supposed to catch his flight back to Seattle. Basically, the call gets cut, all flights get cancelled and on the TV there are reports of a seismic event off the West Coast of the United States. This event has disrupted electricity and phone lines in Chicago. Not really knowing what to do Will returns to Sam's parent's house where he and Tom decide to travel to Seattle together by car to find Sam.

Don't waste two hours of your life

Pretty much the film sees the two trying to survive their journey whilst coming across various obstacles. Now don't get me wrong the film was interesting but at times it was a tad slow and I kinda had the urge to fast forward. But the real reason why I don't recommend the film? Well put it this way, the film's title is pretty damn ironic because you don't get to find out how it bloody ends. Two hours of my life I wasted to find out NOTHING. Raging I was. Basically, Will tracks down Sam, an earthquake triggers a large eruption which causes a pyroclastic flow and the pair are seen driving away from the cloud. Do they survive? WHO KNOWS BECAUSE I DON'T!

Now in the film's defence, they probably ended the film in the diabolical way they did so they had the option of making a sequel. However, I genuinely feel like I wasted a couple hours of my life. I mean the title of the film REALLY gets my back up. Anyway, enough said on that or I'll be typing away here all day ranting and sharing my disgust. To sum it up? Don't bother with the film. Instead, spend the time watching a few episodes of Kim's Convenience. It is FAR more entertaining, won't let you down and certainly won't put you in a bad mood after watching.


The second film I think you should steer clear of is Birthmarked. This was another film I found on Netflix. Now don't get me wrong Birthmarked wasn't what I would consider being terrible. However, it was so damn slow and at times it was really tough to get through. Believe it or not Peter and I was so bored during the film that halfway through we went upstairs for a nap. Yeah, it was that bad. I would have scrapped the entire film there and then but my "I've started something so I'll finish it" attitude kicked in.

What's the film about you ask? Well, it is about Ben (Matthew Goode) and Catherine (Toni Collette) a couple who are respected scientists who quit their jobs to take on a big experiment. The experiment? Raising three kids against genetic predispositions. The pair seek to prove that everyone has the same potential to become anything they choose. The question they tackle? Are we born as we are or can we blame our parents for who we become? Now on paper, the film sounded really interesting and right up my street. In reality? It was as dull as dishwater. Seriously.

I can't even really go into much detail about what actually happened in the film because it was just so forgettable. The story had potential but the execution just wasn't there I'm afraid. My favourite part? The end. My reason? It was so damn tough to get through and felt way longer than it's runtime of an hour and a half.

Everything, Everything

The third and final film that I recommend you just avoid like the plague is Everything, Everything. Now I know I'm probably going to get a bit of stick for including this flick. However, I'm gonna be honest, I thought it was pants. The romantic drama Everything, Everything follows the story of Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) a young lady who cannot go outside due to so-called suffering from a rare illness. Her neighbour Olly (Nick Robinson) wants to help her experience life and the pair (predictably) end up falling for each other. 

The reason I disliked the film so much? Well, it was SO predictable. You could see the "twists" coming from a mile off. Not only that but in a lot of places, the film was just wildly far-fetched. I mean I understand it's a film, it isn't real and it certainly isn't a documentary but at times I found myself just constantly eye rolling. I mean maybe I'm just too old to appreciate the film? Perhaps it's just meant for those really naive younger viewers who crave that kinda film? What I do know is that the film wasn't for me and if you're anything like me I doubt you'll enjoy this movie.

What films have you watched lately that you just didn't enjoy?

2 Super Awesome Mobile Games I'm Addicted To

2 Super Awesome Mobile Games I'm Addicted To - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Hungry Dragon

I absolutely love gaming. I enjoy gaming on various platforms and consoles. From playing Mafia 3 and Resident Evil 7 on my Xbox. To spending hours playing the Sims 3 and Left 4 Dead on my PC. To even playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Tomodachi Life on my DS. I even really enjoy gaming on my phone believe it or not. Every now and again I come across a mobile game that I become completely hooked on. This month I've discovered two incredibly addictive games so you can imagine my battery has been absolutely drained.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The first of the two awesome mobile games I'm addicted to is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game. Basically, if you're familiar with the super duper well-known game Fortnite then this pretty much has the same premise. In PUBG there are 100 players who parachute onto a remote 8x8km island. Each player must defeat every player in the battleground whilst being forced into a shrinking play zone. Also in the game, you have to locate and scavenge weapons, vehicles and supplies to be able to actually survive and defeat other players.

The game is surprisingly addictive. Especially if you play as part of a team made up of your friends. I for one have loved playing it with Pete as we've has some pretty hilarious times driving around together in the various vehicles available. The only downfall? There have been a couple of times when I have been booted from the server. This is extremely frustrating but hey ho, there isn't much that I can do. However, I think if I'd have paid for the game I would be more annoyed. Thankfully PUBG Mobile is free to play so I can't complain too much.

Hungry Dragon

The second of the two awesome mobile games I'm addicted to is Hungry Dragon. This is a game that recently became available to download after being exclusively available in Asia for a little while. Now I've talked about Hungry Shark before and Hungry Dragon is pretty much the same game only with dragons, a different map and some slightly different rewards and what not. The idea is you play as a dragon and fly around the medieval map eating as much as you can to stay alive, score points and collect coins. In doing so you can unlock bigger dragons as well as special costumes that give you some pretty awesome perks.

The premise of the game is really simple but it is incredibly addictive as you end up wanting to beat your high score over and over again and get your hands on bigger dragons and handy pets. The graphics are also super duper pretty and I love the many easter eggs throughout the game like the randomly placed Tardis. If you're after a great game to pass the time that is super pretty on the eye, you need to give Hungry Dragon a go.

Are you a fan of mobile gaming? What kind of games do you like to pass the time with?
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