6 Superb Songs I’ve Been Listening To Non Stop In August

Seungri Where R U From Playing On My Tablet

Last month's monthly music favourites contained just three songs. Although they were absolute tunes, this month I've been listening to six tracks on repeat. Some of the tracks are new whilst others are older. When it comes to music I listen to a whole bunch of artists from all different eras. Of course I have my favourites like BTS but to be honest I pretty much enjoy all genres. I think that sort of explains why sometimes my monthly music faves are a weird and wonderful mix. But you know what? I love each and every different track and that is all that matters. Anyway, enough rambling, onto my faves.

Selena Gomez - Back To You

The first of the 6 superb songs I've been listening to in August has been Selena Gomez - Back To You. This track is a sort of dance-pop song with a very slight country vibe to it. The track has a catchy beat teamed up with emotional lyrics which makes it incredibly beautiful. It is a refreshing take on your standard Summer anthem. The song is also the lead single for the second series of the Netflix original 13 Reasons Why.

Skillet - Hero

The second of the 6 superb songs I've been listening to in August has been Skillet - Hero. This isn't the first time I've mentioned the Christian rock band here on my blog. Skillet also featured in April 2018 music favourites. This months song I'm obsessed with, Hero, is a track from way back in 2009. The song is said to talk about mankind's need for a hero who in their eyes is Jesus. I'm personally not really religious but I love this track. Plus it can be interpreted in various ways. The track is an edgy hard rock song with incredibly catchy lyrics.

SHINee - Our Page

The third of the 6 superb songs I've been listening to in August has been SHINee - Our Page. Now I featured SHINee in my June 2018 music favourites and I mentioned member Jonghyun's solo track back in my March 2018 music favourites. So it is safe to say they are a band that I really love. One of their most recent tracks Our Page has been getting a lot of love from me this month. The track is an emotional one with the messages of  "This unfinished novel, we'll fill it until the last page." and "We will be together until the end." The track is dedicated to member Jonghyun who sadly took his own life last year. The track is delicate yet powerful and incredibly beautiful. The music video is also truly stunning.

Max George - Barcelona

The fourth of the 6 superb songs I've been listening to in August has been Max George - Barcelona. You may remember Max from the British boy band The Wanted who split in 2014. Well, now Max is back with his solo single. Barcelona is an EDM pop infusion and is pretty much made to be a Summer anthem. It is a super feel-good song with a brilliant melody. The song really showcases Max's voice well and kind of reminds me of something Liam Payne would release. Also for those Love Island fans (Not me sorry, it isn't my cup of tea!) islander, Laura features in the video as Max's love interest.

Seungri - Where R U From

The fifth of the 6 superb songs I've been listening to in August has been Seungri - Where R U From. I mentioned Big Bang member Seungri's previous single 1,2,3! last month in my July 2018 music favourites and this month I've fallen in love with another track of his. Where R U From is a track that is almost identical to a track viral Kpop sensation Psy would release. It has Psy's signature beat as well as a similar style of choreography. The video even fits Psy's comical style with Seungri mocking Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. The video also contains many Kpop references. These include Seungri resembling a panda, a name that his fans have given him. Also in the video is comedian Yoo Byung Jae dressed as G Dragon, Seungri's bandmate. Then we have the frames similar to Blackpink. Oh and the fact that the YG Entertainment logo features throughout the video. It's an addictive song with an amusing video to go alongside it.

Eleni Foureira - Fuego

The sixth and final of the 6 superb songs I've been listening to in August has been Eleni Foureira - Fuego. If you watched this year's Eurovision then you'll have spotted this track already. The song placed second behind Netta's Toy which I loved. Another song I loved from the competition was Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me which I mentioned in my May 2018 music favourites. Anyway, Fuego (meaning fire in Spanish) is a dance-pop track with an addictive beat. This is the ultimate dance floor club banger that will make you wanna get your groove on.

What songs have you been loving this month? Do you like K-Pop? What song would you choose if you had to listen to one over and over again?

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